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Breakaway Face Mask Lanyard Canada



It seems like Covid 19 is not going away anytime soon, and this may also mean that people would continue to wear face mask when leaving home. Wearing of face shields and face masks is one way to protect oneself from getting infected by the virus. Many countries still need people to wear masks when in public places, like in Canada.

While it has been months since the pandemic, many people are still not used to or comfortable with wearing face masks. There are still people who forget to wear one or who keep on losing their mask when they remove it. This is probably why face mask lanyard is a thing now. Those who forget wearing a mask or is tired of holding them when not in use will find face mask lanyard a lifesaver.

These face mask lanyards will hold the mask for them and will keep the face masks handy anytime they need to wear it. Face mask lanyard comes in so many options, and one of them is the breakaway face mask lanyard. Many people prefer this type of mask lanyard for many reasons.

The first is for safety reasons. Since children need to wear a face mask as well, and some kids tend to get rowdy and playful, their mask lanyard might accidentally be caught on playgrounds or other things. When this happens, breakaway face mask lanyard is easier to remove from them compared to other kinds of mask lanyard. This is also true for employees who works with machineries that may accidentally be caught up with machines.

Another reason is for ease of use. It is easier to wear and remove a breakaway mask lanyard. It is as simple as wearing and taking of a necklace. It will not get in the way of your cap, hair or any other hair accessories as compared to regular mask lanyards.

You can find breakaway face mask lanyard in Canada at Amazon and Walmart.

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