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Best Cloth Masks with Respirator


It’s time to protect oneself with a mask around the world. It would shield us to avoid being infected and at the same time to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.

A cloth mask is the handiest, economical, and widely available mask today. It greatly contributes to the protection of people when N95 and surgical masks are scare and being prioritized to health workers since they’re our modern-day heroes and frontliners.

It would be beneficial too to wear a cloth mask and to fervently practice social distancing and frequent hand washing with it.

It’s also better to stay home if there’s no urgent need for you to go out.

If it’s inevitable that you need to go out in public, please do wear a face covering such as a cloth mask.

Why is a cloth mask with a respirator is better?

There are cloth masks that come with an exhalation valve and it’s good for your respiratory. Why is it better for a cloth mask to have a respirator?

Cloth masks with exhalation valves performs better and usually, they’re made with thicker fabrics that are better in shielding you from pollutants.

The exhalation valve gives the user of the mask better comfort and better airway passage for the user to inhale and exhale.

What are the benefits of cloth masks?

  • Cloth face masks are made from common materials and there’s an unlimited supply of its materials
  • They can help lower the risk of people without symptoms transmitting the virus through speaking, coughing, or sneezing
  • They’re better than not using any mask at all and they offer some protection especially where social distancing is hard to practice in public places
  • They’re washable and reusable
  • They can conform to the face snugly
  • They’re cheaper and easier to find

Here's one of the best cloth masks with respirators that have enough supply and stocks.

Kungfuren 3 Sets Sports Facial Masks with Activated Carbon Filter with 6 Breathing Valve and 12 Soft Foam Padding

kungfuren 3 Sets Sports Cycling Masks with Activated Carbon Filter, Cycling Mask with 6 Breathing Valve and 12 Soft Foam Padding for Walking Running Cycling

It’s a mask that’s designed with a unique breath system for better personal protection. Outer mesh mask shell enhances breathability plus inner replaceable filter, which can blocks pollution like: exhaust fume, smog, pollen, dust, etc.

It offers 5 layers that provide professional filtration. The first layer blocks large particles, the second activated carbon filter layer filter benzene, odors, and car exhaust. The third and fourth layers filter 0.03-0.3 microns of dust and particles. The fifth non-woven layer is a comfortable and breathable fabric.

The dual one-way breathing valves allow exhaustion of heat and carbon dioxide easily thus it’s capable to provide smooth breathing, eliminates fogging and prevents overheating exceptionally well. Designed with a neoprene structure that makes it a well-ventilated, breathable and quick-drying cloth mask.

This reusable and washable mask is also designed well because it uses both a loop and a strap behind the head for a safe fit.

The durable design ensures a comfortable and firm fit and it would prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the mask.


  • This mask fits very well.
  • It is easy to breathe through it
  • It doesn't fog up the glasses
  • Great face mask.
  • Lightweight design allows for more comfortable use
  • It comes with soft foam padding
  • With five layers of filters that include an activated carbon filter
  • One size fits for most people
  • You can adjust the mask freely with velcro strap according to your own fit
  • Double air valve design will help you breath easier and freely


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After Thoughts

A cloth mask with a respirator can be easy and faster to find. There’s an unlimited supply of fabrics that can be used too.

There are different patterns available that include pockets for filter and exhalation valves for easier breathing even with a mask on.

Cloth masks will conform to the face snugly enough to form a seal and that an additional respirator will make it work more effectively.

But let’s not forget that aside from a face-covering like a cloth mask with respirator, washing our hands with soap frequently and distancing ourselves from others will be the best in keeping us safe and protected.

Better yet, stay at home when you don’t need to go out!

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