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Surgical Mask which Side Out


The most common color variant in surgical masks is the white and blue ones. These colors correspond to how you will be able to use your mask correctly.

The white side of the mask contains the filter and therefore if you’re inflicted with the flu, this side should be attached to your face. The blue side should be the one exposed and should be facing out. The reason for this is to prevent the germs from spreading outwards. 

On the contrary, if you are not sick, the white side should be the one facing out to protect micro-organism from the environment to come into contact with you.

Just keep in mind that the blue side has the liquid repellant to keep the fluids from leaking through into your nasal cavity. It should be a standard 3 ply mask to have both outer and inner layers and the center layer that has the filtration function.

The white side is designed to absorb all exhaled fluids that would otherwise collect on the mask and decrease its effectiveness and to increase comfort. 

How about if your surgical mask only has one color?

Look for markings or the instructions to tell which side is out correctly. There should be at least three layers in your surgical mask.

The outer layer made from non-woven and liquid-resistant material, the middle layer also made from non-woven and liquid-resistant material that’s designed as a filter media barrier, and the innermost layer, also made from non-woven and liquid-resistant material.

The outer and innermost layers are both liquid-resistant but they don’t filter. They just prevent saliva and mucous in going out and prevent blood or other bodily fluids from getting in.

The middle layer is the real filter layer. It filters particles and droplets both ways, to prevent germs from the user from going out, and to prevent germs and droplets from outside to come in contact with the user of the mask.

The purpose of a surgical mask is to protect others from you as well to protect you from others especially those who are sick or infected with any virus.

The surgical mask might just look like a simple mask but it does offer a lot of beneficial help to its wearers. It has double-function features to help anyone who needs them.

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