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Best N95 Reusable Mask


One of the most practical and convenient things to buy now is reusable N95 masks. Not only that’s it’s reusable and washable but if you weigh on it, these masks actually have more advantages than disposable masks.

It does make a lot of difference especially that reusable comes with reusable filters that have more layers of protection, unlike a disposable one that only has 3 layers of protection the most!

A reusable N95 mask can have 4 to as much as 8 layers of protection and another edge is they usually come in different sizes or if it’s a size fits all, it contours and conforms to the fave due to its better material.

But how can you sure that you’ll be choosing the right N95 reusable mask for you?

What are the important features to look for in an N95 reusable mask?

It might sound simple yet choosing the right reusable face mask can mean details to be taken into consideration when it comes to not only functions but air quality also, and comfort. Here are the factors you should consider.

Get the masks with an N95 or N99 Ratings

This essential in every reusable mask. It should be able to have a filtering accuracy of at least 95%. Particles in the air are measured in microns and anything less than 10 microns is dangerous. This mask will be able to filter down at least 2.5 microns, An N95 mask is considered good for getting through smoky or polluted air, and airborne viruses.

The mask should fit snugly for sure protection

Any N95 mask disposable or reusable won’t be efficient unless these masks fit snug against your face. Honestly, that’s why I feel that a reusable mask works better because they come in different sizes and It is adjustable, particularly around the nose bridge. 

Purchase one with replaceable filters

A mask is your protection to be safe and to remove those particles in the air but those particles are left in the filter of the mask. It’s better to wash your mask and replace the filters that will allow you to continue using the same mask for as long as you need it. 

Look for one with an exhale valve

This feature will offer you a faster airflow and breathing comfortability. It is also a good feature to have for those who wear glasses since it will keep the exhaled air from escaping through the top and it will not be fogged up up your lenses.

Why is a reusable N95 mask better than a disposable surgical mask or other disposable masks?

Although other disposable and surgical masks tend to be cheaper they’re inefficient against air pollution, viruses, and small microscopic particles in the air.

N95 reusable masks with filters are built primarily to remove tiny airborne particles from the airstream, whereas other disposable and surgical masks often don’t have filters that are fine enough to catch the smaller and more dangerous particles.

More importantly, disposable masks often don’t provide a tight enough fit around the sides and top of the mask to keep polluted air out. Even if a disposable mask has an N95 rating, because of the gaps around the sides of the mask, the filter efficiency can drop from 95% down to less than 70%.

Here are the top 3 best N95 reusable masks and one mask worth including in the list.

Metamasks Air Pollution Face Mask For Women - Dust, N99 & N95 Pollution

Metamasks Air Pollution Face Mask For Women - Dust, N99 & N95 Pollution

The Metamask n99 mask is the World's most comfortable, efficient and stylish unisex fashion mask, that has an Italian design, NZ Innovation, natural and organic materials with sustainable production in Bali.

It’s an air face mask you'll take pride in wearing. It features advanced nanotechnology filtration with 99.99% protection at the PM2.5 level.

Made with a super-breathable poly-honeycomb in the outer, adjustable embedded nose clip and earloops, chin wrap for a better secure fit and air seal plus a soft organic bamboo inner lining.

Air statistics now show that protection is now essential for personal health and wellbeing, especially because the danger is invisible in our naked eyes and it’s accumulating in the air.

This Metamask N99 (N95 by default) air pollution mask features a proprietary nano-coco-carbon matrix from New Zealand which is an extremely thin nanotechnology filter providing exceptional breathability and 99.99% protection to PM2.5 (micron).


  • The most comfortable mask ever
  • This the only mask that lays properly across the bridge of the nose, while laying flat across my cheeks
  • The lightweight material flap under the chin is a clever and comfortable design innovation
  • This mask maintains a seal, all around.
  • You can wear this Metamask for extended periods, without your ears feeling any fatigue from the straps at all
  • You can breathe easily with this masks
  • It offers organic cotton options and linen options 
  • It's washable and reusable


  • You have to purchase your right size

Where to buy:

JKJK N95 N99 Anti Air Dust and Smoke Pollution Mask Washable PM2.5 Masks

JKJK N95 N99 Anti Air Dust and Smoke Pollution Mask Washable PM2.5 Masks

Made from ultra-soft material that is good protection against gases, smells, all PM; PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen, smoke, and dust.

A military-grade ask with high-quality that uses the sure-fire filtration technology and comes with straps that are adjustable, ergonomic and comfortable. The mask is also fitted with a valve that automatically opens and closes allowing you to breathe comfortably.

It’s very easy to use with a built-in exhalation valve that lets the air in and that keeps the moisture out, letting you breathe easier while keeping dust and other pollutants out.

These masks can be washed and reused and you can simply change the filters. The adjustable elastic straps can let you adjust it according to the size that conveniently fits you the most.


  • You’ll love the secure fit it gives
  • They cover the lower face completely, fitting around the chin comfortably  
  • Ear straps are adjustable to tighten the fit to conform to your size
  • It has filters to cut out the germs and has a vent to keep you for over-fogging
  • Great help to breathe smoothly at all times
  • Washable and reusable
  • It works pretty well
  • The mask fit the face really well


  • It might be too thick to some

Where to buy:

E COASTAL N99 Dust Mask, N95 PM2.5 Dustproof Safety Mask Respirator Activated Carbon

E COASTAL N99 Dust Mask, N95 PM2.5 Dustproof Safety Mask Respirator Activated Carbon

This is a mask with five-layer filtered activated carbon. The PM 2.5 air mouth mask will filter out 99% of dust, pollen, non-oil-based particle.

Its exhalation valve works well and opens without resistance and it has a double air breathing valve.

Very safe and it’s made of nylon mesh with a plurality holes design that offers excellent ventilation.

Other note-worthing features are it’s lightweight, soft, quick-drying, washable, reusable, It is comfortable wearing for long periods and easy to clean.

There’s more like the V-shaped nose clip for a comfortable fit on the nose and easy breathability, back velcro design that’s an adjustable size for the neck, and a hanging ear design that will avoid the mask to fall off.


  • It is definitely tolerable for long use
  • It fits perfectly
  • The filter is changeable
  • There are 3 extra filters in the package
  • The filter doesn't seem to be very complicated at all
  • This mask is well crafted with a soft and yet sturdy material
  • This mask is super comfortable, lightweight, and breathable
  • The nose piece can be pinched down on your nose for a perfectly comfortable fit


  • It’s currently sold out

Where to buy:

This new reusable N95 mask from Australia is highly-recommendable. I added this to the list because it’s a very good option to consider.

Venus Reusable N95 Anti Air Pollution Face Mask 2 Bag Filters

Venus Reusable N95 Anti Air Pollution Face Mask 2 Bag Filters

A premium mask that is washable and reusable. It has a very good design and you can see it was well-thought of. No wonder it was ergonomically designed by a top professional mask designer.

The breathable air mesh fabric makes it lightweight and best for breathing. It is a perfect half-face mask to use outdoor for protection.

It’s very effective for dust chemicals, smoke, and particles. It can keep you 98% safe against dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, fumes or particulates that affect the air that we breathe.

It comes with these new features like an anti-allergic reaction to the skin, the adjustable fit between the mask and the nose, moisture-proof, and organic materials used too.


  • NIOSH N95 approved
  • Top-quality
  • Made from Health and environmental protected materials
  • Designed by a professional mask designer
  • It’s made and imported from Australia
  • Very lightweight
  • Nicely designed


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

One thing I can weigh on my thoughts right now is that a reusable N95 mask has a great advantage over the disposable ones since they conform better to the curves of the face thus giving tighter and more comfortable and superior protection against viruses and pollutants.

The reusable and washable N95 masks come with filters that can last longer, used a lot of times, and can be easily replaced.

So there you have it, the recommended N95 reusable mask for you. Airborne dangerous viruses can be pretty scary but it’s something that we as individuals should deal with cautiously and carefully. But with the right mask, you’ll have peace of mind secured protection to breathe easily.

Just stay alert and always educate and protect yourself and your family with what’s the best shield against those dangerous airborne diseases.

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