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How long can 3M N95 mask be used?


3M is synonymous with high-quality products. And that includes their healthcare products. They have been considered the Number 1 provider of N95 masks using advanced and innovative technology.

Being the leader of the pack, they set the standard that is worth emulating. 

With regards to the usage of a 3M N95 mask, it’s safe to state that it can perform and function well according to its design and specifications for as long as 8 hours of continuous use. 

From information from studies and technical reports, it would be very likely that one mask should last you at least 5 days. That would be around six disposable 3M N95 masks in a month's time.

Subjectively though, you can change your mask when breathing becomes apparently more difficult. That is then the signal that your mask is starting to degrade its functions and should, therefore, be replaced. 

The challenge when re-using a N95 mask is the filter wherein the moisture and particulates might be trapped in the filtering material over time. In this case, the effectiveness of the filter won’t decrease, but the strain on your lungs might increase.

It might be costly but it’s safest to change your at least thrice a week to ensure of being safer from the harmful airborne particles.

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