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Kids N95 Face Mask (Child size)


Children need to have protection too from all the harmful and hazardous elements that are suspended in the air.

Kids like older people are more vulnerable to be infected by viruses that are being carried on the air. They are more fragile and more susceptible to germs and viruses. 

There’s a little controversy involving the use of an N95 mask among elderly people and children. Allegedly, there’s children, elderly people, people with pre-existing lung or heart conditions, and pregnant women, however, they are advised to consult their doctors first regarding the use of the N95 masks if they face respiratory issues.

There is still no approved N95 mask for young children. There are currently still no international certification standards for the use of the mask on children. Although the use of the N95 among teenagers has been approved, make sure that the mask is tight for effective use.  

So if you're purchasing an N95 mask for your children please consult their doctors first.

Nevertheless, children deserve to have their utmost protection against infection especially the coronavirus that plagues our world today. They’re our primary concern since they’re so helpless and we are responsible for their well-being.

Why children need an N95 mask against environmental risks and the coronavirus?

Children need a protective mask like the n95 because they’re still in the process of growing and they’re more active than makes them breathe more air, eat more food, and drink water just like adults.

Since they are still children, their central nervous, immune, reproductive, and digestive systems are still developing. And at this point in their early stages of development, exposure to environmental pollutants, toxicants, and viruses can lead to inevitable damages.

As we all know, children are playful and can be exposed to dust, chemicals, and viruses since they can crawl on the ground, run around, and touch anything they can put their hands on. 

To top it all, children are more careless and they have little control over their environment. They are also unaware of risks and unable to make good choices to protect their health.

This is where adults, parents and an N95 mask come in. Parents should guide their kids to be safe and secure and they need to be there to supervise the wearing of an N95 mask. And if you’re children can already understand, let them know that’s it’s very important to wear one for their protection.

For more information on children's environmental health, visit WHO website.

Here are the top 3 Kids N95 Face Mask (Child size)

3M Particulate Respirator 8110S, N95 160 EA/Case

3M Particulate Respirator 8110S, N95 160 EA/Case

This is a take-off from the classic N95 8210 particulate respirator but in a smaller version. This is also a NIOSH-approved N95 with a cushioning nose foam and an adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom and secure seal that is great for respiratory protection against certain non-oil-based particles.

This filtering facepiece particulate respirator can provide protection equivalent to a rubber facepiece respirator but at a lower cost with greater convenience and with its lightweight construction.


  • It has a lightweight construction 
  • It offers increased wearing comfort
  • High-quality
  • Great price
  • Mainly designed to be a smaller version of N95 8210 mask
  • Works effectively


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Aniwon 3 Pcs Mask Kids Mouth Mask PM2.5 Anti Pollution Mask

Aniwon 3 Pcs Mask Kids Mouth Mask PM2.5 Anti Pollution Mask

This is an N95 cotton mask pack for kids that contains 3 pieces of washable cute cotton mask that comes with 6 activated carbon filter inserts. It’s designed with a safety exhalation valve for anti-pollution and dust, which keeps your kids healthy.

This air filter mask will be very helpful to ensure that your kids will be able to breathe comfortably through its exhalation valve that’s suitable for all children from ages 3-15 years. The included 6 pieces of carbon activated filters can be replaced thus making it very convenient.

Very easy to use and this mask has a high elastic adjustable soft ear loop that can be adjusted for the kids' mask to fit your kids'face. It also has an M-shaped nose clip for making masks and nose better fit.

It’s an effective protection for your children from pollen, flu, allergies, mold, pet hair, fog haze gases, wind, and smoke offer return service to ensure your satisfaction.


  • It’s a great deal as you can get replacement filters and it can be washed in the washing machine really well
  • They’re also super cute
  • It gives extra comfort and layers of protection
  • Nice beautiful patterns and very stylish 
  • Made from comfortable cotton material
  • This is a perfect fit for a reasonable price
  • They are unisex
  • Adorable Prints 
  • Great Value
  • Keep the germs at bay
  • Well-made


  • It’s more fitted for a 10-12-year-old kid but it can be adjusted for younger kids
  • Their N95 6 pieces masks are sold out but this one that’s available also includes 6 pieces of PM 2.5 filters.

Here’s a video link featuring this product.

Where to buy:

Doublelift Dust Breathing Mask N95 Particulate Respirators Disposable Dust Mask

Doublelift Dust Breathing Mask N95 Particulate Respirators Disposable Dust Mask

It’s a kids' N95 mask with a unique design with an adjustable ear band, a Rubber bar nose pad to isolate the dust and make the face more three-dimensional and beautiful.

It includes a breathing valve that can make breathing more comfortable. These anti-pollution masks for boy children will guard and help them be protected against dust, pollen, allergens, pollution, bacteria, and the spreading of viruses to ensure a safe healthy body.

It’s backed by N95 premium filtration technology that makes these masks anti-pollution that are capable to filter out PM 2.5 fine particles and bacteria, making them safe for indoor and outdoor use.

This is a 12 pieces pack of disposable N95  that also has an adjustable nose bridge that can be customized according to each kid’s facial fit that increases the mask’s sealing effect.

It’s recommended for kids ages 2-14 years old.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a design that has very good coverage on the face
  • No-tangle straps for ease of use
  • It’s available in 12, 24 or 48 pieces per pack
  • It’s disposable for more convenience
  • It’s white so you can see if it’s already dirty


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

It’s getting to be quite alarming that along with N95 masks for adults, the N95 masks for kids are selling out in a faster time frame. 

N95 masks are our wisest choice for prevention and protection now. We have to insure our loved ones especially the kids. They are the most precious beings and gifts that we have to treasure.

Give the best protection for the safety of our vulnerable children. Shield and guard them against all the environmental risks and deadly viruses that hound our mother Earth.

The children are our future and it’s our duty to protect them at all costs. Start with an N95 face mask and all the precautionary measures to make sure they are safe!

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