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Is coronavirus vaccine necessary?


Having a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is absolutely necessary especially seeing how quickly this virus has spread across the world. It has become a pandemic. Unfortunately, a vaccine could not be developed in an instant. 

Vaccines are created to prevent dangerous and deadly diseases. COVID-19 is definitely considered a deadly disease that has spread in 109 countries and affected over 110,000 people. It had also claimed the lives of 3,831 people, 3,120 of whom were Chinese as the disease originated in Wuhan City, China. 

Vaccines are made by scientists, usually financially backed by large pharmaceutical companies that can shoulder the large expense needed to do the research and testing. The process of creating a vaccine takes time. It usually takes between five and 15 years. Nobody wants to hasten the process of creating something that will get into one’s system. 

However, because of the urgency of the matter, incentives are being thrown at organizations that can make a COVID-19 vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies are racing to have the vaccine out and dozens of candidates are reportedly making their way to trials. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases earlier told the U.S. Senate that it would take at least a year and a half to have a vaccine ready for use. 

Since there are no vaccines yet, people would have to make do with very practical preventive measures. Regular cleaning of the hands through appropriate hand washing and the use of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer will do much to prevent the spread of the disease. People should also refrain from traveling to places with really high number of COVID-19 cases like China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and France. Rounding up the top 15 are Germany, Spain, U.S., Japan, Switzerland, U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

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