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Is 2 ply face mask good?


Yes, a 2 ply face mask is good in the usage and functions that it’s designed to provide.

The 2 ply face mask is a hygiene face mask that is cheaper than a 3 ply mask and made from the same material fabric, polypropylene or another non-woven kind of material but with only 2 layers in it.

It doesn’t have a middle layer which is the filter layer that can block and protect against haze, viruses, and bacteria. 

But what makes a 2 ply mask good?

It’s good for sanitary ad hygienic purposes in different settings. It’s commonly used in beauty salons, spas, and restaurants.

Aside from those environments, a 2 ply face mask can be very helpful in these purposes:

It’s used in factories in the food industry as well as in food preparations, food processing, and food handling.

A lot of other industries require the usage of a 2 ply sanitary mask.

In the health sector, doctors, nurses, dentists, laboratory technicians, and hospital personnel uses it for low or no infection environmental settings.

The school canteen and cleaning staff are required to use a hygienic mask too.

If you go to a nail salon, a nail technician is required to wear it too.

A 2 ply mask can also be useful around the house for DIY projects, cleaning the house to protect you against dust and other multi-purpose usages around the house.

If you love gardening and planting trees and crops, you can use it to protect you from pollens and allergies. 

These are the wonderful reasons why a 2 ply mask is good to have around too. It might not protect you from bacteria and viruses but it can be used in other beneficial purposes that’s it’s supposed to provide you.

It will come in very handy in times that you need it around.

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Copyright © Survival Gear for Sale 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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