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Disinfectant Wipes Kill Norovirus


Norovirus is a contagious virus where people who get infected get sick. People who have the virus are prone to vomiting and also experience diarrhea. Other symptoms include nausea and stomach pain. You get norovirus when you consume food or water that has been contaminated. People also get it when they have direct contact with people who have the virus. The disease caused by norovirus is often called food poisoning, stomach bug or stomach flu. However, it is not related to the influenza virus. 

Another way a person gets infected with norovirus is when they touch a surface that has been contaminated and then touch their mouth. The easiest way to prevent you from getting the virus is by practicing proper hygiene. You have to wash your hands often. You also need to wipe surfaces with disinfectant wipes. Norovirus can survive on various surfaces for days.

You have to clean surfaces and items that you usually touch. These include doorknobs, light switches, remote control and cellphone, among others. You also need to disinfect the floor and the bathroom. Also, rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them. Norovirus is also the leading cause of foodborne disease. Norovirus infection spreads easily. In fact, outbreaks usually happen from November to April.

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