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Best N95 Face Mask for Fire and Wildfire Smoke


This article will tackle another world issue which is a wildfire. Another instance that people need to protect themselves with an N95 labeled mask that is certified by NIOSH. We will also highlight some of the best N95 face mask for fire and wildfire smoke, and how these best smoke masks can help to protect you and your family and kids.

A wildfire in uncontrollable that wipes out large fields and a land area especially those with combustible vegetation. It can go on for days, weeks or even pass a month!

The wildfires of today last longer than it used to be and as long as there is fuel in there and there is no rain or snow it will go on and continue. It is scary and so unpredictable but it needs to be addressed with proper protection.

The N95 mask with its filter material that’s rated 95 is capable to shield us by 95 percent against those very small particles. The eyes, nose, throat, and lungs can be irritated by wildfire smoke.

And inhaling those wildfire smoke is dangerous especially for people with asthma, heart ailment, or any respiratory disease.

Why are there wildfires?

Wildfires happen especially on hot summer days that even a small spark can ignite it. Most of the time it comes in naturally like a thief in the night that’s sparked from the sun’s heat or after being struck by lightning. 

What’s saddening is a majority of wildfires are man-made and resulted from some people’s insensitivity to the environment.

What’s the Best N95 Mask to Protect You from Fire and Wildfire Smoke? 

It’s greatly recommended to use a mask that’s a NIOSH  approved particulate respirator that’s an N95 mask imprinted on it. Aside from that take these other qualities in consideration in choosing the best N95 mask:  

Purchase a mask that has two straps that can go around your head for it will ensure you that it will stay in place. It’s far better than with only one strap or with straps that just hook over the ears and it can fall off anytime.

The size should fit over your nose and under your chin. This would make the mask be sealed tightly to your face. 

The mask should lay firmly on your face seal thus no gaps will be able to let the smoke through.

Choose a material that’s flexible to contour or conform with your face.

You should also choose an N95 mask that’s lightweight to avoid being weighed down by it.

Lightweight materials will also help you keep be cool and comfortable with the smoke and heat 

during wildfire.

Here’s the Top 3 Best N95 Mask for Fire and Wildfire Smoke

3M Particulate Respirator 8516, N95, with Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief 80 EA/Case

3M Particulate Respirator 8516, N95, with Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief 80 EA/Case

This 3M model has a carbon layer that helps in reducing your exposure to the nuisance levels of acid gases. A good feature against smoke and heat is its cool flow exhalation valve that can diminish the build-up of heat inside the mask.

It’s a particulate respirator that’s the perfect choice for situations that involve heat, humidity, and long-time wear. Its other great qualities include  M-Nose clip that can be easily adjusted to provide a custom fit and secure seal, it’s lightweight that makes it comfortable even for longer wear time, has an All filter design hence No spare parts to clean and maintain, and braided headbands and soft inner materials.


  • This is a must-have item for anyone in an area that has wildfires 
  • Great value
  • Keep one for each family member in their emergency bag
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Has a cool flow that makes breathing easier
  • Offers a safe secure seal
  • Designed for heat and humidity 


  • It might tend to be very tight around undereye, cheek area and nose as well 
  • It’s currently sold out

Where to buy:

Giko 1200F N95 Particulate Respirator

Giko 1200F N95 Particulate Respirator

Another NIOSH Certified particulate respirator that had met all the filtering and breathing requirements as an N95 mask. It comes in a box of 20 masks that can protect you and your whole family.

It comes in with 4 layers of protection with a non-woven that is designed to be a barrier outside dust particles. While its main filter layer has a dual engine layer to effectively filter out fine particles. It’s a comfortable mask with a soft skin-friendly inner layer that also offers effective filtration with low breathing resistance.

Built-in adjustable sponge nose clip and it can be securely be worn with its safety elastic whole head strap that suits any face shape. This custom fit and secure seal will keep your lungs protected for a long time.


  • Best price for N95 masks for forest fires
  • It is comfortable and works as expected
  • Very good product
  • Light, and you can breathe easily with it 
  • Good quality product with the right price
  • They are proven to be of great used in heavy fire smoke 
  • Long-lasting
  • Two straps and the adjustable nose bar make a snug fit without discomfort


  • They can scratchy and stiff around the nose to some

Where to buy:

Benehal N95 Disposable Dust Mask NIOSH-Certified Particulate Respirator

Benehal N95 Disposable Dust Mask NIOSH-Certified Particulate Respirator

This Benehal disposable cup mask pack contains 20 pieces of masks. It has a NIOSH certification having met all the requirements.

Be assured of a secure seal with its adjustable head strap with two elastic fastening straps for protection always. There’s the metal nose bridge with a full foam flange that eliminates discomfort and it creates a custom fit for you.

It’s an odorless, skin-friendly and convenient mask that provides easy breathing and speaking because of the exhalation valve. Be 95% safe from airborne particles and these masks have the highest standard that’s used even by professionals.


  • They’re thick and durable and they would last for a number of uses before needing to be replaced
  • They fit pretty comfortably and snugly around the face
  • Same as other leading brands but it’s less expensive per unit
  • Good quality
  • Easy and comfortable
  • It’s awesome and it does not slip or fall
  • Much more breathable than an ordinary particle mask because of the exhaust valves that let the moist air out 
  • Fit the face and nose well 
  • The added strap around the back of the neck helps keep it in place securely


  • It might be hard to wear glasses while wearing the mask

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

There had been wildfires left and right nowadays. And they’re getting harder to contain with their extensive coverage of fires that can last longer.

Although it might sound chaotic, there’s nothing we can do but to be always be prepared and be ready in these situations. They happen fast, without a warning, and it would be very convenient to have an N95 ready for you and your family when it does occur.

Fires and wildfire smokes can be very lethal and breathing could be very hard. Don’t let this harm you and your loved ones. 

It never takes a lot to be safe from wildfires if we also help in preserving our natural resources by taking care of them instead of taking them for granted.

And lastly, it only takes to be ready, equipped, and with an N95 to come in handy anytime.

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