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2 Ply vs 3 Ply Face Mask


When you browse over for face masks, you’ll notice that there are masks that have 2 ply or 3 ply. If you’re not well-versed about face masks, you might be wondering how they can be different from each other.

A 2 ply face mask is merely consisting of the outer and inner layers. It’s also made using polypropylene or another non-woven kind of material. The only thing missing here is, it doesn’t have a middle layer which is supposed to be the filter layer.

The 2 ply mask is used to cover the mouth and nose areas for sanitary or hygienic purposes among factory workers, catering staff, pharmaceuticals employees, food processing workers, spa workers, and food handlers.

It’s basically like a food mask and something to cover the face to be sterile and clean. It would not protect you against pollution, viruses, and bacteria.

While a 3 ply mask is more of the bacteria mask that can prevent the spreading of germs and droplets and can protect you not to inhale harfmful airborne nuances. It usually has 80%-99% filtration depending on its middle filter.

Its outer and innermost layers are water-resistant that can prevent the saliva and mucous in going out, and blood or other bodily fluids getting in too.

And it has a middle layer which is the real filter layer. It can filter particles and droplets in both ways. It can prevent the germs from the user from going out, and to prevent germs and droplets from the outside to come in contact with the user.

After Thoughts

It’s always great to have options in face masks and to be aware what to choose and what’s the best to use in particular needs and the functions they provide.

In our continuous fight with Covid-19, the 3 ply face mask will be our best bet and safest option to wear.

It also has the recommendation of the health sector that a face mask should have 3 ply or above to protect yourself against harmful particles and viruses in the air.

You can find 3 ply face masks on Amazon.

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