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Best Disinfectant Wipes For Car Interior

If not properly cleaned, your vehicle could be a hotbed of coronavirus and other infections and germs. It is for this reason that hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes should be used to wipe down the interior of your car and any other area that could be considered a high-touch area. A good rule of thumb is to clean areas that you contact regularly and to sanitize your hands on an hourly basis.

This applies doubly in the case of rental vehicles, ride-sharing vehicles like Uber and Lyft, share cars, share bikes and taxis. Be sure to wipe any areas that human hands typically touch. These include door handles, door latches, lock buttons, seat belts and buckles, window buttons, mirrors, radio and climate control buttons and more.

Alcohol works best in your automobile or SUV’s cabin. It is the cleaner most used by manufacturers of most automotive interiors today. All it takes is a quick wipe to clean most germs and fingerprints. Soap and water will work, too.

Spend extra time on the steering wheel. The steering wheel has four times the amount of germs found on an average toilet seat, thanks to all the cracks and crevices on the rim and spokes. For this reason, use disinfecting wipes to clean all the surfaces on the steering wheel. These include the redundant controls for radio, voice control, cruise control, navigation, and paddle shift levers. And don’t forget about the gear selector lever or the turn indicator stalks.

Also clean the door and center console armrests, display screens, cupholders, cubbyholes, air conditioner vents and even the door “grab handles.” You touch them more than you realize and are rife with bacteria and could carry coronavirus. You will very likely be surprised by the amount of dirt your wipes will pick up.

Finally, if you find yourself without any alcohol or other cleaners, a good scrubbing with soap and water will fill the bill. The coronavirus resides in a protective pocket that acts as a facilitator to infect other cells, but is broken down by soap. Heavy-duty cleaning will weaken the coronavirus. It just may take a little bit longer to effectively clean it properly. Don’t scrub too hard, though, as you might find you are removing some of the surface coatings or dyes.

Adam's Interior Detailer 16oz - Antimicrobial Car Interior Cleaner & Dressing for Car Detailing


Adam’s Interior Detailer is your one-step solution for a cleaned, dressed, and a fully revitalized factory-looking interior. This classic all-in-one interior cleaner includes Microban antimicrobial product protection. Fully built into Adam’s Interior Detailer, powerful Microban technology actively inhibits the growth of bacteria on surfaces and continues to work around-the-clock long after application to keep your interior surfaces protected against bacteria that can cause stains, odors, and surface deterioration.


  • All-In-One Formula
  • Offers continuous antimicrobial product protection, even long after the product has been applied
  • Effective at removing sticky residues
  • Helps to prevent the growth of bacteria on surfaces.
  • Anti-static additives continually work to minimize further dust buildup.
  • Contains odor neutralizers and UV blocking agents to keep your interior fresh.


  • No negative reviews so far
Where to buy:

SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner for Car Detailing

SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner for Car Detailing - All Purpose Car Carpet Cleaner, Car Seat Cleaner, Interior Car Cleaner for Upholstery, Car Leather Cleaner, Carpet, Plastic, and More

Formulated using the latest nanotechnology, this effectively cleans and washes away dirt, grime, and dust off all interior car surfaces, including leather, trim, pleather, rug, headliner, rubber, carpet, vinyl, flooring, canvas, cloth, plastic, upholstery, fabric seats and stains super-fast and better than a mat carpet shampoo!

This interior multi surface vehicle cleaning supplies and accessories are simple to use, just spray cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface, then wipe residue away with a second clean microfiber cloth. Repeat every 4-6 weeks to keep your interior looking brand new!

  • Latest nanotechnology
  • Quick and easy
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Dust resistant
  • No negative reviews so far
Where to buy:

Armor All 10863 Car Interior Cleaner Wipes for Dirt & Dust

Armor All Cleaning Wipes (25 count)

Your car’s delicate surfaces are too important to trust to a household cleaner. Get that natural, “just detailed” look with Armor All Cleaning Wipes. Meticulously engineered for your car’s special needs, these convenient wipes lift away dirt and debris, revealing your car’s rich, natural beauty without harming delicate automotive surfaces. Great for your car’s dash, vinyl, fabric, carpet, consoles, leather and more. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Armor All absolutely guarantees its products will meet or exceed your highest standards.


  • Effective cleaning in a convenient, disposable wipe
  • Natural, matte finish
  • Easily removes ground-in dirt, dust and grime
  • Great for the whole car (dash, vinyl, fabric, carpet, consoles, leather, and more)
  • Won’t dry out, damage, or fade automotive surfaces
  • Lint-free – won’t leave greasy residue on hands


  • No negative reviews so far
Where to buy:

Carfidant Ultimate Car Interior Cleaner

Carfidant Ultimate Car Interior Cleaner - Automotive Interior & Exterior Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner for Car Carpet Upholstery Leather Vinyl Cloth Plastic Seats Trim Engine Mats - Car Cleaning Kit

This will leave your interior spotless and looking like new. It is all your car interior cleaning needs. You can safely use it to clean leather seats, cloth and fabric seats, carpets and mats, upholstery, dashboards, vinyl, and plastic. Simply spray it on, and wipe off with the included microfiber towel.

Tough on dirt but easy on your paint. Safely use it as a cleaner and engine degreaser for a professional detailed look! Easily use it as bug and tar remover, bird poop cleaner and any other contaminants that sit on your paint. You can even use it to clean your wheels and tires, exhaust tips, and exterior trim pieces.


  • Works well with exterior and interior use
  • No smells and no scents
  • No harmful chemicals


  • No negative reviews so far
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Final Thoughts

Vehicles and automobiles are used to carry passengers to and from their destinations and it is only natural that it will come in contact with germs, viruses and other pollutants outside. These harmful substances degrade not only the sanitation within a vehicle but also the materials of the vehicle. Protect the integrity of your vehicle and also your health by wiping and disinfecting vehicles with cleaners especially formulated for cars and automobiles.

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