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How to Use A Forehead Thermometer?


Thermometer is a tool or device that is used to measure a temperature. Thermometer is normally the device used to check if someone has a fever or not. Before digital thermometers were invented, mercury thermometers are commonly used in hospitals and most households. However, the mercury content in this type of thermometer is toxic and can actually cause harm.

Forehead thermometer or temporal artery thermometer is one effective way to get a body's temperature. The heat waves on the temporal artery is then read with the use of an infrared scanner. Taking the temperature with forehead thermometer is fairly easy.

There are two types of forehead thermometer, it can either be with skin contact or non-contact. Use of both is almost similar, the only difference is that the first one needs skin contact while the latter can be done without touching the skin of the forehead. Here's a step by step instruction on how to use a forehead thermometer with skin contact:

  • The sensor head should be placed on the middle of the forehead. Make sure it touches the skin.
  • Gently slide the thermometer until it reaches the top of the ear and the hairline.
  • The screen should display the temperature of the person.

For non-contact forehead thermometer, it is almost the same but it does not need to touch the skin and to slide it across the ear. Simply place the scanner on the center of the forehead and it will immediately read the temperature.

You can find forehead thermometers on Amazon.

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