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Is n95 Face Mask Reusable?


Demand for n95 masks had increased due to the corona virus outbreak. Because of this, there has been scarcity on the supply of n95 masks. A lot of people are wondering if they can reuse their n95 masks to protect themselves from acquiring the virus. While most manufacturers do not advise reuse of n95 masks, some people are already practicing it.

Some health practitioners are also reusing face mask but with proper care and storage. However, there is still a limit on how long or how many times it can be reused. It still depends on where it was used or if the person using it had close contact with someone that is infected. If the latter is the case, best to dispose of the mask properly and remember to wash hands before and after using the mask.  

Below are some recommendations on making n95 mask reusable:

  • Hang or store used n95 masks on a designated area
  • Always wear gloves before wearing and removing used mask
  • Never touch the insides of the mask, if needed be sure to clean hands before and after touching the insides
  • Always check manufacturer’s guidelines, if no guidelines are included, do not reuse the n95 mask more than five times
  • Be sure to label the mask with your name and number of times it has been used to avoid overusing it

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