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Can I reuse N95 mask?



The outbreak of corona virus had shaken the whole world and almost every country is in panic. One precautionary measure is by wearing masks when going out to protect from acquiring the virus. However, the only advisable mask that can filter out the virus is the n95 mask. Because of this, demand for the said mask had increased, resulting to shortage. 

Can people reuse n95 mask? That’s the common question that people ask. It all depends on the kind of mask they are using as there are disposable and reusable n95 mask. It is important to read first the manufacturer’s guidelines before reusing an n95 mask as some are disposable after one use. 

There are washable n95 masks that can be reused as long as the user uses a filter and replace them after use. How about for the disposable ones? Can it be reused? While it is not encouraged to reuse a disposable n95 mask, some people have no choice but to reuse it due to low supply. Reuse of n95 mask may have its risk and people practicing it should be aware of these risks. 

Possible Risks in Reusing n95 Masks:

  • May lead to discomfort after several use
  • Filters may be worn out and reduce the ability to protect the user from viruses
  • May cause contamination that can be transmitted to the wearer

You can find reusable N95 masks on Amazon.

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