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Best Reusable Mask for Pollution


Anti-pollution masks have become a necessity nowadays due to all the pollution and allergens that are spreading worldwide. People everywhere can be seen wearing face masks, sick or not. Due to the high demand for face masks, availability is starting to become a challenge. There are different kinds of face masks available in the market and the most common are the disposable face masks. However, since they are disposable after one time use it should be properly disposed of and replaced.

With the high demand for face masks, it is wiser to purchase a reusable mask as protection for pollution. It may be more expensive than the disposable ones but most reusable masks provide more filter and lasts longer. This will lessen the chance of people queuing in just to purchase a mask for pollution.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Reusable Masks for Pollution:


Some masks have different sizes and it is important to find the right size to fully cover the nose and mouth. Ill-fitting mask would defeat its purpose as certain dusts and particulates may still enter through the gaps. Before purchasing a reusable mask for pollution, ensure that it is snugly fit.

Filtering Power

Masks use filters to ensure that even the small particulates will not get through the mask. Particles from air pollution are measured in microns and anything that is smaller than 10 microns is said to be hazardous. Most air pollution masks can filter at least 2.5 microns up to 0.3 microns. Make sure to check first if it has a rating of N95 or N99 as these masks can filter 95% or 99% of 0.3 microns particles.

Replaceable Filters

Filters are used to trap particles within the mask, once these filters are filled or used it should be replaced. Most masks make use of replaceable filters which allow users to continue using the mask as long as the filter is replaced regularly.

Exhale Valves

Not all reusable masks have exhale valves, which makes it hard for some people to breathe. Mask with exhale valves are very useful to those who wear glasses, bikers or those who work out. The purpose of these exhale valves is to help users breathe in and out comfortably and letting moisture escape out. Since moisture gets out, it also avoids the eyeglasses from fogging up.


Because there is a high demand for pollution masks, some stores are taking advantage by increasing their price. Be sure to check and compare prices to avoid being a victim of this. Prices for reusable masks are a bit higher compared to disposable masks as reusable masks for pollution has better features and can be used longer and several times.

Here are some of the best reusable mask for pollution:

Base Camp Dust Mask

BASE CAMP Urban Dust Mask with Activated Carbon Filter -Neoprene Material- First Generation of BASE CAMP Dust Mask

Wearing face mask can be very uncomfortable, but with all the dirt, pollution and viruses people has no choice but to wear one. Good thing there are face masks that make it a little less uncomfortable to wear, like Base Camp’s Dust Mask.

Breathing makes it hard for people who wear mask, Base Camp has a solution for that, by including two exhale valves for better airflow system. This mask is perfect for those who travel with high air pollution or poor air quality, while cleaning the house, workers who are exposed with dusts and sports enthusiasts like biking, hiking, etc.

This reusable mask for pollution contains activated carbon that can filter out 95% of particles and filters are replaceable. The mask can be cleaned easily by washing it thoroughly with soap and water. Be sure to dry it out completely before wearing again.


  • Has airflow valves for better breathing
  • Can filter out 95% of particulates
  • Nose clip and earloop are adjustable
  • Replaceable filters
  • Contains activated carbon filters
  • Easy cleaning
  • Prevents fogging
  • Fits snugly on face


  • Has a strong neoprene smell at first use
  • May need to air out before use
  • May not suit people with small faces
Where to buy:

Cambridge Mask Basic

Cambridge Mask Basic

With all the news about pollution and viruses, people are afraid to go out of their houses. However, because people need to work, go to school and shop for basic needs and medicine, leaving the house is somehow inevitable. Cambridge had developed a reusable mask that not only helps in filtering the air we breathe but is also fashionable.

Cambridge’s Basic mask can filter up to 95% of pollution, viruses, factory emission, odor, bacteria and gases. Their basic mask is reusable and can be cleaned and washed. However, it can only be used for at least 70-90 hours or about 2 to 3 days.

This mask is available in different sizes as well as designs. People can now be protected and at the same time stay fashionable.


  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Filters up to 95% of particulates
  • Best use in polluted areas, dusty workplace
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Available in different colors and design
  • Comfortable


  • Can only be used for 70-90 hours
  • Filters are not replaceable
Where to buy:

CoolChange Cycling Mask with Filter

CoolChange Cycling Mask with Filter

Cyclists are exposed with everyday fumes and pollution which is why it is important to wear protective masks to avoid breathing in all the dirt in the air. CoolChange has created a cycling mask to keep them healthy and stay in shape. The CoolChange Cycling Mask however, is not only for cyclist but can also be worn by people who wish to protect themselves from pollution.

The CoolChange Cycling Mask has filter that is replaceable and the mask itself is reusable and washable. It also has exhaust valves to make it easier for people to breathe and avoid fogging for those who wear glasses. Its nose clip is also adjustable to fit the shape of its user. Both men and women can wear this reusable mask for pollution as it also comes in different colors.


  • Reusable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Has replaceable filters
  • Available in different colors
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-haze and other air pollutants
  • Covers half of the face
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits snugly


  • Only available in one size

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