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2 ply face mask function and use


A 2 ply mask has an inner and outer layer that’s made from non-woven materials with a 22 GSM. It’s the same materials used as in a 3 ply mask but a 2 ply face mask doesn’t have a middle layer with filter.

It’s thinner, lightweight, breathable and is suitable for use in low-risk environments.

Aside from being thinner, they are hygienic and basic face masks that are not thick enough if you want protection against harmful bacteria because of the absence of a middle layer but it’s adequate for light use. 

They’re cheaper and if you’ll wear glasses with it, it will be steamed up. They are mostly used for sanitary and hygienic purposes for the environment the user is in. 

It can also be used by health professionals in settings that won’t compromise their health and safety. It’s mainly to cover their face for sanitary purposes and they’re not exposed to the infectious environment.

The 2 ply mask also should come in FDA Approved and also comes in with an aluminum noseband for max comfort. It’s also fluid-resistant, hygienic and skin-friendly.

The 2 ply mask is best used in the following functions:

Excellent for beauty salon 

Food preparation 

Food processing

Food sectors 

Industrial use

Medical use in low-risk situations

Dental mask 

Laboratory use for Lab technicians

School use 

Household protection for DIY chores

Multi-purpose usage around the house

Nail Salon 

Spa attendant’s mask

Cleaning face mask

It’s perfect to use to do any job around the garden to protect you from pollen

After Thoughts

A 2 ply mask has a lot of incredible usage and functions too. It’s easily breathable, soft, lightweight, comfy and easy to wear. 

It’s mainly a hygienic and sanitary face mask because it doesn’t have a middle layer filter to protect and to block bacteria and viruses. 

Nevertheless, it can come very useful in other functions that are very helpful too.

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Copyright © Survival Gear for Sale 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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