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Best Way to Use Surgical Mask


Surgical masks can prevent infections transmitted by respiratory droplets and it’s a protective barrier against airborne particles.

It’s recommended that a person should wear a surgical mask when:

You have a respiratory infection or sick in order to reduce the spread of infection

If you’re taking care of a patient with a respiratory infection

When you go out especially if you’re visiting clinics or hospitals during pandemic or peak flu season 

Lastly to protect yourself from any virus

There are other important things to consider for you to use a surgical mask in the best possible way.

How do I use a surgical mask properly and the best way?

Always choose the appropriate size for you. It’s also very essential to be hygienic and to wash your hands before putting the mask on. Have a mask with a three-layer design which includes an outer fluid-repelling layer, a middle layer serves as a barrier to germs, and an inner moisture-absorbing layer.

Surgical masks without these features will not be able to provide you with enough protection against infectious diseases transmitted by respiratory droplets.

It’s the colored side the one with the side with folds that are facing downwards of the surgical mask should face outwards with the metallic strip in the uppermost.

If it’s a tie-on surgical mask, then secure the upper ties at the crown of the head. Then secure the lower ties at the nape.

For the ear-loops type of surgical mask, position the elastic bands around both ears and fully extend the mask to cover mouth, nose, and chin securely.

Make sure you mold the metallic strip over nose bridge and the surgical mask should fit snugly over your face.

It’s important to avoid touching the surgical mask after wearing it.  You should perform hand hygiene before and after touching the mask.

When taking off a tie-on surgical mask, unfasten the ties at the nape first and next is to then unfasten the ties at the crown of head.

For ear-loops type, hold both the ear loops and take-off gently from the face and please avoid touching the outside of the surgical mask during taking it off as it may be covered with germs.

After taking off the surgical mask, you need to discard it in a lidded trash can and you need to wash your hands immediately.

It’s advised to change your surgical mask daily. Generally, surgical masks should not be reused.  You need to replace the mask immediately too if it is damaged or soiled.

We covered everything you need to know to maximize the best usage of a surgical mask. 

As long as you wear it properly you’ll always feel secure when you use it as a protective shield against harmful airborne germs and viruses.

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