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Reusable AntiVirus Mask


A reusable and washable antivirus mask can be more convenient since most of them can be folded. It is also more cost-effective since you only need to buy the filters to continue using them.

They can help you to prevent inhaling airborne irritants and these masks can come in various attractive colors and materials. They could also be made from high-quality materials like silk, organic cotton, polyester with a carbon filter and a polyester fleece lined with silk and so much more. 

It will give a higher filtration efficiency by using PM 2.5 filters and they can contain even 4-5 layers in some filters that include an activated carbon filter.

Do reusable masks work?

Yes, since they can continue to help reduce the risk of contamination. You also can wash and disinfect it as frequently as you wish. Just also make sure you change its filter when its color becomes gray or it becomes damaged, soiled, or breathing becomes difficult.

You might also want to change the filters as often as possible to ensure your maximum protection.

PM 2.5 filters will protect against smaller, aerosolized droplets.

What are the advantages of a reusable anti-virus mask?

One major advantage reusable anti-virus mask is it can conform better to the curves of your face thus giving a tighter, more comfortable seal and better protection as compared to the disposable ones.

You can wash and disinfect the mask as soon as it gets dirty. The mask can be washed daily if you prefer that too. I will look clean and will be free of particles that you might breathe in.

You can also check and change the filter regularly. You will know how soon you have to change the filter. Once the surface of the filter turns dar, you should immediately replace it. 

Check on these reusable anti-virus masks that you might consider purchasing for yourself and your loved ones

Vokproof 95 Respirator Cotton Mask 5 Layer Activated Carbon FilterCotton Mask

Vokproof 95 Respirator Cotton Mask 5 Layer Activated Carbon FilterCotton Mask

This Vokproof high-quality cotton mask is washable, reusable and easy to breathe on. It can be fully adjusted to fit snuggly and it’s designed to help to protect against germs, pollen, dust, pet hair and dander, allergens, mold spores, many bacteria, effluents from coughs and sneezes, and many of the particles that pollute the air like all 1.0 micron or larger.

This filtration technology allows the user to breathe easier while being protected against all airborne particles. It comes with 6 PM 2.5 replacement filters.

The design has an ergonomic cut on nose detail and the earloop has an adjustable buckle for closely fitting on your face.

There’s also the highly elastic and adjustable earloop that’s attached to this mask that can give good coverage to the nose, mouth, and face area.

It’s truly very comfortable to wear and you’ll be effortless to breathe on it.

How to wear this mask?

  1. First, unfold the mask and put the filter into the inside layer after that fasten. Then position it on the face
  2. Apply the two straps on both sides of the mask to your ears and adjust the seal rings attached to ensure a comfortable wearing experience
  3. Gently press the nasal splint, slowly exerting pressure inward and push from the center to both sides till it is tightly and comfortably fixed to the nasal bridge

This reusable and washable mask is recommended to be cleaned for 1-2 times a week.


  • This product is made of really good fabric 
  • It fit nicely on the face
  • Has an adjustable ear band 
  • Reasonably priced
  • It is very comfortable
  • The nose clip will allow you to easily adjust it to your liking and it’s hidden 
  • The adjustable straps can be loosened or tighten depending on how you like it
  • This mask fits really well and has replaceable filters
  • Its  inner side is soft and smooth
  • Straps fit and stay firm on the face
  • Air smells cleaner
  • Stylish colors, very well made, washes/dries well
  • With removable charcoal filter pads
  • It blocks germs very effectively
  • This mask is pretty and lightweight 


  • You might need to adjust a gap by the nose bridge

Where to buy:

Breathe Healthy Honeycomb Beige Mask

Breathe Healthy Honeycomb Beige Mask

A mask can somehow give you a restricted feeling but you can choose a mask that you can enjoy wearing and you can live with.

This is a reusable mask that fits well and works well. Breathe Healthy Masks offer respiratory protection that is comfortable, effective for everyday use.

A good wise option since they are a sustainable and ecological alternative to disposable ones.

These Breathe Healthy Masks utilize the non-allergenic Aegis Microbe Shield and have a special inner liner, which is a fabric that was designed to be worn next to the skin that can wick away the moisture to make these masks cool.

The liner uses a hydrophobic and hydrophilic that repel moisture wick that which allows the user to breathe more comfortably. They can also be worn for longer periods without becoming unbearably hot.

There are no filters required since the cloth material was treated with Aegis Microbe Shield. It can be also worn damp for cooling effect without losing its filtration protection.

Other interesting features are its soft fabric ear-loops with an adjustable slide to provide a custom fit and moldable embedded nose piece that keeps glasses from fogging up.

It’s been lab tested for respiratory protection and it’s capable of filtering air down to 1.0 micron.


  • Its material comes with Aegis Microbe Shield
  • It does a reasonable job filtering out pollutants and it looks unique
  • Adjustable with a cord toggle and fully washable
  • This is nice and breathable
  • Its fabric is also refreshing and pleasant
  • You’ll like the way it attaches to the ears
  • It's comfortable and secure
  • The side straps are much more convenient than rubber straps that I have to stretch over my head.
  • It's really soft


  • It's a little bit pricey but it will stop you from catching every virus it's so worth it

Where to buy:

Envo N95 Respiratory Face Mask

Envo N95 Respiratory Face Mask

This ENVO N95 mask will give you full protection against viruses and bacteria. It’s the best in class with its complete seal in the nose and mouth area with its patented airgel.

It uses its patented CPAP AirGel Mask Seal Technology that gives excellent protection against viruses, bacteria, and dusty environments. It offers a 100% seal all around the nose and mouth!

It’s a NIOSH N95 Approved reusable mask with replacement air filters. It provides the following key benefits of:

  • Superior seal- It uses a Patented AIRgel technology that creates a form fitting, and very comfortable base 
  • Anti-fog – It also has a Patent pending for its vapor barriers that creates a better seal, to protective eye-wear.
  • Productivity - Its design solves the issue of mask leaks, safety glass fogging and comfort issues so you can focus on the task and protection and not be bothered by the mask.
  • Comfort – It has a gel cushion that is soft and comfortable and it contours to your face to reduce the need for readjusting or removal of the mask
  • Effective filtration & reusability – It’s reusable and has replaceable electrostatic filter meeting N95 standards and that’s compatible and fits securely within the mask hence it can filter harmful particulates effectively
  • Higher safety – This comfortable mask is designed to protect your lungs because it works well and more comfortable against all harmful airborne particles


  • This mask is incredibly comfortable for long hours
  • You’ll experience no more soreness on the nose and the face and it will leave no lines on the face
  • The design allows the filters to be easily changed and there is no chance of leaks
  • Comfortable high-quality N95 mask
  • This mask offers comfort with the gel seal
  • Very easy to take on and off with the strap system 
  • It’s also easy to breathe through with the exhaust vent.
  • It has replaceable N95 filter that has also been NIOSH approved 
  • The replacement filters are cheap 
  • Fits very well create a perfect seal around the nose and mouth.
  • Good protection against viruses and bacteria


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

This reusable anti-virus is one great alternative to keep us protected in these times

of the coronavirus. Wearing this mask along with a hand sanitizer can protect us against these dangerous viruses.

We can have the tendency to touch our faces around 26 times in an hour and wearing this mask will protect us to be in contact with mucous membranes such as in the eyes and nose.

Be prepared to wear masks for longer, as the coronavirus problem is not likely to leave the horizon anytime soon.

But deep inside, I hope the coronavirus will disappear soon!

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