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The coronavirus has spread globally, claiming thousands of lives and infecting more than half a million people. Many countries imposed total and partial lockdowns to various areas with known cases of infection. All over the world, international news channels show the situation of many retail and grocery stores. Shelves were wiped clean due to panic buying. People were scared of their safety and food security. Initially, face masks, ventilators, and hand sanitizers were bought massively from stores. Presently, these items are mostly out of stock. Tissues were also bought in bulk until almost every store’s stock was depleted. People are looking to buy hand sanitizers for added protection against the spread of coronavirus infection. Unfortunately, hand sanitizers from most retail and grocery stores are out of stock.

The solution is to order hand sanitizer online. However, there was an instance when Amazon Prime Pantry had to close due to the increasing demand amid coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, they started operating again to serve the public. Checking their online store will show that hand sanitizers are available for sale online. Some stores also take orders of hand sanitizer online. Some of these online stores are Target, REI, Walmart, Office Depot, and Ulta. These stores sell different hand sanitizer brands. Some stores also limit the purchase of hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers are preferred by most people because of their scent and moisturizing content. Additionally, hand sanitizers come in different sizes and most are handy that can easily fit in a pocket. It is recommended to look for hand sanitizers that have 60% alcohol content, less than that will not be effective in killing viruses, bacteria, germs, and microbes.

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