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Do N95 Masks have Expiry Date?


All masks from reliable manufacturers have something in common including the N95 mask. They all have expiry dates on them.

This is one factor to segregate the legit and original N95 masks to the fake ones.

The legitimate N95 mask manufacturers like 3M always have an expiry date, lot number, and manufacturing dates. 

The shelf life of almost all N95 masks is 5 years after their production date. Manufacturers would always want to provide their buying public with products with the best effectivity. It’s their conscious effort to put expiry date in each box of N95 mask they put out in the market.

You can point out a run by the mill N95 mask from a less known brand if there is are no important product information in its packaging.

Why does an N95 mask have an expiry date?

Mask should have “Use By” or “Expiration Dates” on their packaging with the intention to assist its user to use and a seller to sell the products that are in their topmost condition within that time-frame only and to also protect the users from using the mask beyond this period.

On the condition of an N95 mask, the longer they’re stored there might be issues on some form of degradation in the product, either in the headband or the nose foam, or other components that might prevent them to give safety protection against airborne pollutants.

If beyond this period, the N95 mask was not used or opened it’s recommended to be disposed of and not to be sold or used at all by all means.

It’s right to be on the look-out on the expiry date on the N95 mask you are purchasing. After all, you’re paying what it’s worth for and it’s just proper you’ll not be shortchanged by buying an expired or fake N95 mask.

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