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Is coronavirus airborne or droplet?


Coronavirus can be transmitted by airborne wherein it carries droplet nuclei that are residues from evaporated droplets or dust particles. It contains microorganisms that can remain floating in the air’s atmosphere for a longer period. This can allow organisms to enter the upper and lower respiratory tracts through airborne transmissions.

There are some diseases that be transmitted by infected droplets merely contacting the surfaces of the eye, nose, or mouth. This is a droplet contact transmission wherein droplets containing microorganisms can be generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.

Droplets are too large to stay afloat and be airborne for long periods of time thus they quickly vanish out of air. Droplet transmission can be avoided with the use of protective gear like face masks and goggles. Examples of diseases capable of droplet contact transmission are measles and SARS.

Therefore coronavirus is an airborne virus carried through droplets that can be dangerous.  The virus can only be transmitted through the air by the droplets that are infected by it.

It’s scary and at the same time, it’s the time to have more faith that a cure will be found soon and people will longer need to afraid of the unknown.

For more information, please read our in depth article about the best N95 face mask for coronavirus.

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