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Best Antivirus Face Mask


The demand for anti virus face masks is reaching an all-time high the rise amid coronavirus outbreak. People are purchasing high-performing masks designed to be effective in protecting against viruses.

The number one basis should be that it’s an N95 mask that successfully complied with the set standard for a particulate-filtering by NIOSH. 

There are N95 masks and some masks that’s NIOSH certified that are available in the market that target to protect the user from small particles in the air that may contain viruses. They are certified by the CDC and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

How do you pick the right antivirus mask?

There are recommended masks that are NIOSH certified. You need to be sure that it will fit you. It’s very important that it stays fit for you every time you use it. The msaks should be worn every time you go outdoor and can be exposed to and more prone to airborne viruses.

Check all the features and functions of your chosen masks.  Nothing should come between the masks and your face will that wil make it less effective and interfering with its fit on you.

Men should shave every day that they may use the respirator and the hair, and jewelry and clothing should not be between your face and the mask at all times.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before holding your mask. Inspect your mask for holes, tears or other damage to surfaces, straps, metal nose strip and nose foam. Don’t use a damaged or expired mask. 

The best mask should have a metal nose strip for secure protection.  Adjust it to your face accordingly. Place you mask against your face, with the bottom under your chin and metal nose strip across the bridge of your nose.

Properly wear the elastic the top elastic band over your head and place high at the top back of your head. Then put the bottom elastic over your head and place around the neck below your ears.

Putting the respirator on correctly means more of the air you breathe goes through the respirator filter.

Make sure your anti-virus mask is properly sealed on your face. Check for gaps or leaks around it.

When do you replace your anti-viral mask?

Replace it at once if it gets damaged or has been splashed or sprayed with body fluids, or if it becomes harder to breathe through. Go to a clean, safe area away from other people, and replace your mask if it is damaged.

For a single-use mask, dispose of it after each use by carefully placing it in a closed waste trash can.

You should never wash a disposable mask, disinfect, reuse or share your mask with others.

If you’re using a reusable N95 mask, be sure to change its filter regularly and to wash it to maintain its cleanliness.

How to properly remove and dispose of an anti-virus mask?

You should only touch the straps and not the surface of the mask when removing it. Remove your mask in a clean and safe place away from other people. Then 

wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before lifting the bottom strap from around your neck up over your head. Avoid snapping the mask and slowly lift off the top strap.

Be sensitive to others and dispose of your used mask in a closed waste can. Wash your hands again after you dispose of it.

For a reusable mask, dispose of your used filters responsibly in a closed waste container. Remove it by getting hold of the strap of your mask first and get the filter. Wash your mask regularly to keep it in a clean condition.

Here are the top 3 best anti-virus face mask worth taking a look into.

3M Nexcare N95 8612F Respirator

3M Nexcare N95 8612F Respirator

This is one of the beat rated N95 masks that is a CDC, NIOSH certified and the only one cleared by FDA for Influenza Pandemic like Swine, H1N1, and Bird Flu etc.

It greatly reduces the exposure to airborne germs and gives protection from splash and spray of body fluids.

The 3M Nexcare N95 Respirator is the only FDA cleared N95 respirator on the market for use by the General Public in a public health medical emergency.

Its main function is to help to reduce the user's respiratory exposure to airborne contaminants. It has a design that will seal the face of the user for maximum protection from airborne viruses.

The package labeling and user instructions have been specifically designed to communicate the information needed to use the respirator properly.


  • It’s really designed for the people in pandemic emergencies
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect seal on the face
  • Has all approval from CDC, FDA, and NIOSH
  • Has a good fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Gives the maximum protection


  • The pack only consist of two masks

Where to buy:

MITUHAKI 10pcs PM2.5 Anti Fog And Haze Antivirus Activated Carbon Mask

MITUHAKI 10pcs PM2.5 Anti Fog And Haze Antivirus Activated Carbon Mask

This is a highly recommendable mask because it’s anti-viral, anti-fog has a valve and an activated carbon filter in it.

The pack contains 10 piece PM2.5 anti-fog and haze antivirus activated carbon mask filters and 5 pieces face masks in a box.

All its features will speak for itself and it will do its job to battle all airborne viruses and pollutants.

This mask with all its complete features can give good protection to the wearer.


  • 100% advanced quality and excellent quality
  • Economical and durable
  • Standard material with an accurate size
  • Specific instructions reference details included
  • Gives complete protection against viruses and pollution
  • Reasonably priced


  • It has no metal nose clip
  • No NIOSH accreditation attached

Where to buy:

Evaxo Anti-Cold Anti-Influenza Virus Mask

Evaxo Anti-Cold Anti-Influenza Virus Mask

This is a reusable mask that is made and designed for an anti-cold and anti-influenza virus mask made from cotton with a latticed valve to breathe comfortably. It is also a carbon filter mask.

It has anti-bacterial certifications from CE CNAS SGS BSCI.

It has the following protective functions for Anti-pollution, PM2.5, against viruses,cold, dust, and pollen allergy.  It has N95 activated carbon filter.


  • Made from Acetateitem type material
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Good fit
  • Secure fit
  • With the activated carbon filter
  • Lightweight
  • With four accreditation for being an anti-bacterial mask


  • No negative review so far

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

The best antiviral mask for you will be dependent on your specific preference. If you want disposable masks that you can use when you go out, you might benefit from the ones from 3M. 

If you want an anti-viral mask that is a reusable mask that can be worn every day then it’s great too. As long as you will change its filter regularly and you should be ready to wash it too often too. It should always be in top condition. 

Be able to choose the best anti-virus mask that will suit your needs and that will protect at a maximum level.

Times are very different now. There are a lot of harmful airborne viruses that float around. This is not the time to be complacent all. We all need to have extra protection against these lethal viruses.

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