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What is a carbon activated mask for?


Activated carbon mask is a respiratory and sanitary device to filter the air from harmful gases, odors, and droplets.

These masks in the market with activated charcoal mainly include N95 masks, ordinary cotton face masks, surgical masks, activated carbon masks, and anti-smog PM2.5 masks.

Masks with activated carbon will let breathe better and at the same time be protected from unpleasant airborne pollutants.  They are also anti-bacterial and anti-viral. 

There are many toxic particles and a mask like this will be great personal protection for everyone.

There are a lot of benefits that we can get from wearing a carbon activated mask.  Here are these benefits.

What is the Carbon Activated Mask made for?

It will help you to stop inhaling toxic gases and keep volatile organic compounds out of your lungs. 

It’ll keep out 94% of PM 2.5.

The carbon fabric works with inner layers of filtration material to jointly trap all the indoor and outdoor pollutants such as fragrances, particles, cigarette soot, smog, dust, diesel fumes, and formaldehyde.

It also filters from 50% to 95% of household chemicals depending on the substance

This mask is safe to use and it’s non-irritating

It can also block the inhalation of polluted air that can cause airborne allergies and other lung diseases.

It helps to increase the lung capacity and makes it stronger

It will help you to be able to inhale pure air and makes breathing easier

Why is activated charcoal used in masks?

It is used in masks to absorb poisonous gases and to help being inhaled by people. Activated charcoal means it has been heated to enhance its absorption and adsorbent activity. Activated charcoal is used in masks as it adsorbs the poisonous gases and particles rather than oxygen and provides fresh oxygen for inhaling even with this protective gear.

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