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How to reuse N95 Mask


There might be reasons why you would reuse your N95. It would be because it’s expensive, you are trying to maximize its use to save on your resources or there’s a shortage of it.

The disposable N95 can be functional for weeks to months and reused by the same person. 

The reuse might be limited by hygiene, damage, and breathing resistance, and the level of risk it was used should be considered.

If you’ll reuse your N95 mask, there are some steps you should follow to maintain its effectiveness in protecting you from airborne contaminants.

The N95 must still meet the established performance specifications after reusing it repeatedly.

The mask needs to be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized each repeated use or more frequently depending on the risk factor of the environment.

The surface of the mask should be cleaned with broad-spectrum disinfectants of proven efficacy.

Do consider wearing a loose-fitting barrier that does not interfere with fit or seal like a surgical mask or face shield over the N95 mask.

Remove the barrier when home and perform hand hygiene. The surgical masks should be discarded while the face shields should be cleaned and disinfected.

Remove the mask and put it in a designated area or place it in a plastic bag. 

Use care when wearing a used N95 mask on the face to ensure the proper fit for respiratory protection and always avoid contact with the surface that might be an infectious material outside of the mask.

Always perform hand hygiene before and after putting the mask on the face.

Practicing hand hygiene is greatly urged like hand washing with soap and water and alcohol that’s 70% proof may be used as an alternative to hand washing.

Think about your safety above anything else. There’s nothing wrong with reusing an N95 mask as long as you practice the proper way of doing so.

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