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Best N95 Mask for Small Face


All N95 face mask will work effectively if it’s properly fitted to the wearer. People come in different shapes and sizes and that includes the size of their faces too. Just like buying shoes, the right fit will always be the best.

Most leading N95 face mask brands come in different sizes to suit everyone's facial requirements. Let’s find out the best N95 mask for a small face and how you could find the correct mask for you.

How do you correctly find your mask size?

There’s a way for you to be able to find out the correct mask size for you. A mask is something you can’t try on before you buy it. 

This will guide you more or less on how to pick one. The big brands of N95 masks have generalized that the majority of around 80% of people fall in the medium-sized size. There is only a small portion that will fall under small and large sizes.

A good basis of people that uses the small and large sizes will be based on their other encounters and experiences with other products that need the right fit. These are like hats, sunglasses, helmets, or even for some items for the face or head that needs to be fitted.

A good number of people will be content with their medium-sized masks and children and women will either use small or medium masks.

By the way, there is a fit test kit but it’s very expensive and it’s only recommended for big companies and it can test up to 150 employees.

When to do I throw out an N95 mask?

You’ll know that your N95 face mask is already clogged when breathing with it becomes more difficult. You can immediately discard it and use a new one. Also, discard your mask if it’s already dirty on the inside and when it’s already wet,  deformed, and the filter already is damaged.

Remember that a disposable N95 mask cannot be cleaned or disinfected at all.

Here’s the Top three Best N95 Mask for Small Face

3M Particulate Respirator 8110S, N95 160 EA/Case

3M Particulate Respirator 8110S, N95 160 EA/Case

This is a take-off from the classic N95 8210 particulate respirator but in a smaller version. This is also a NIOSH-approved N95 with a cushioning nose foam and an adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom and secure seal that is great for respiratory protection against certain non-oil-based particles.

This filtering facepiece particulate respirator can provide protection equivalent to a rubber facepiece respirator but at a lower cost with greater convenience and with its lightweight construction.


  • It has a lightweight construction 
  • It offers increased wearing comfort
  • High-quality
  • Great price
  • Mainly designed to be a smaller version of N95 8210 mask
  • Works effectively


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Moldex EZ-ON N95 Single Strap Particulate Respirator With Ventex Valve

Moldex EZ-ON N95 Single Strap Particulate Respirator With Ventex Valve

Moldex can have bragging rights to claim that the small N95 disposable particulate respirator is the first and only NIOSH N95 approved single cloth strap respirator. This has a function of an easy on, easy off one strap design for a quick fit.

It’s one strap with flexwing and head harness that provides an easier and more comfortable fit than two straps in a mask. Made with Dura-Mesh shell that can stand heat and humidity and it will resist collapsing from it.

Other features worth mentioning are its Ventex valve that lets the hot air out faster so the wearer could breathe easier and stay cooler, molded nose bridge that can easily be sealed without a metal noseband, a facepiece that can naturally contoured without pressure points, a  handy strap is securely attached so it won’t break at the seal that allows mask to comfortably hang around neck when not in use.

And there’s more like the soft-spun lining for increased comfort and durability, and a soft foam nose cushion for added comfort.


  • Great product and a 5-star respirator mask
  • This mask is really great for blocking out the terrible smog
  • It fit perfectly and it can be worn for relatively prolonged periods 
  • It’s a heavy-duty mask
  • It gives extra protection against organic vapor
  • Seal perfectly around the face
  • Has an exclusive dura-mesh shell that can resist collapsing in heat and humidity


  • A little pricey but fits perfect and does a great job

Where to buy:

Protect Life Small Size Dust Mask Safety N95 Particulate Respirator

Protect Life Small Size Dust Mask Safety N95 Particulate Respirator

This is another NIOSH approved small sized N95 mask that you can be sure of an efficient filtration of airborne particles free of oil and it can be the best way to protect yourself.

It does give reliable protection against particles such as wood, passive smoke coming from wildfires, vehicle exhaust, pollen, pet hair and dander and certain other solid substances free of oil.

It’s very breathable because it comes with a premium exhalation valve which also reduces heat, moisture and fogging build-up inside. It has four layers of protection to ensure safety from harmful particles.

A good advantage of this mask is it has an adjustable noseband and fastening straps, it is suitable for people with a smaller shaped face. Truly a  face mask that you could depend on and it will not get distorted or get damaged and it will be ready to use at any time.


  • It’s a mask that can really protect your airway
  • The lowest price point for this type
  • The design pulls the mask away from the nose area and does not irritate the skin.
  • The valve is on the side and it doesn’t catch on anything. 
  • The mask does not collapse when you take deep breaths and it is cooler 
  • It folds flat for easy storage 
  • Comfortable and not get too hot or sweaty 
  • Has a snug fit around the mouth and nose area that you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing it after a while 
  • It guarantees no dirt or dust will go through it


  • It might still not be small enough for some
  • The valve is positioned on the side

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

The best way to keep ourselves healthy in these times where viruses plagued our surroundings is to protect oneself with an N95 face mask that’s with the right size.

It would be meaningless to put one that has gaps wherein those tiny particles carrying germs can still get through. The coronavirus is no joke and it’s a global concern that has to be dealt with by being educated on the real issues and the proper precautionary measures that can be taken.

I’ll take a quote from Don McPherson to emphasize the need to protect everyone from coronavirus. “True prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it's preventing things from happening in the first place.”

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