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Disinfectant Wipes vs Spray


The American Journal of Infection Control states that using disinfectant wipes are better than using spray-based disinfectants. One study showed that disinfecting gym equipment using wipes produced better outcomes than spraying it with disinfectants.

Moreover, when it comes to convenience, the same study revealed that more gym users opt for disinfectant wipes over spray-based disinfectants. But, when one needs to disinfect large surfaces, it is better to use spray-based disinfectants.

Whether you use wipes or sprays, always remember to wipe the surface being disinfected in one direction. Wiping in one direction will help prevent the tendency of recontaminating the surface.

Another important thing to remember is that whether one is using spray or wipes for disinfecting, the surface being wiped or sprayed must remain wet with the disinfectant chemical, long enough to kill the disease-causing microorganisms.

Always read the instructions indicated in the product label. Generally, most disinfectants require that the surface being disinfected has to remain wet for four minutes.

The chemical content of disinfectant sprays may vary depending on the brand. Some brands contain quats (quaternary ammonium) that are safe to be used on fabrics and hard surfaces. These quats have been found effective in eliminating coronavirus in about ten minutes. However, some spray-based disinfectants can only sanitize but do not guarantee full disinfection especially on fabrics. Some disinfectant sprays also use bleach as their base chemical.

Disinfectant wipes, on the other hand, may contain aldehydes, quats, chlorine and alcohol. Every brand of disinfectant wipes may contain different types of chemicals. But, whether it will be used in food industries or in domestic situations, people must be aware of the fact that each disinfectant wipes product may have its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on its chemical content.

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