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How often do you change N95 Mask?


N95 masks are worn as recommended ones for airborne precautions and full barrier precautions against harmful and infectious viruses in the air.

In the continuous event of the coronavirus, one question that’s frequently asked is how often does one need to change an N95 mask.  These masks are disposable and they can’t be cleaned.

There are guidelines that can be followed on how often you need to dispose of your N95 mask and to change it into a new one.

If the N95 is used and exposed for caring for a patient or people with SARS, coronavirus, and other highly dangerous respiratory illnesses, it should be disposed of after each use.

N95s can be reused if used in the care of a tuberculosis patient. Always do check your mask every time you put it on and immediately replace it if facepiece or head straps show any signs of damage or deterioration.

You also need to change your N95 mask if it’s visibly dirty, splashed on, or becomes difficult to breathe through.

It’s also been advised that you can reuse your N95 mask if there will be a shortage of its supply but only as long as it "maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled."

N95 masks too should be worn for a maximum of eight hours and should generally be replaced regularly.

Be truly responsible to change your N95 mask so it can efficiently filter the air you breathe to help protect you from microorganisms, bacteria and many viruses. Don’t sacrifice your safety by not being aware that it’s time for you to change your mask.

It would cost you more but until the cure for coronavirus is found, you really need a supply of N95 mask to be able to follow the advisory of its use and disposal.

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