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Best N95 Mask for Virus Protection


This article will talk about how virus can be dangerous and what are some of the best N95 masks used for virus protection.

There are a lot of viruses that can be caught and one of the usual ones is airborne diseases. 

Airborne diseases are illnesses that can be spread by tiny pathogens in the air that we breathe. These can from a wide range of bacteria, fungi, or viruses that can all be transmitted through our environment.

People can get these diseases through the breath by sneezing, coughing, and through the phlegm. Other viruses can be spread through things and surfaces too. You can get contaminated by merely touching those infected areas and things.

Do you know that viruses that cause flu, influenza and other cold-related diseases can survive as droplets on-air and hard surfaces for hours?

And germs and viruses on surfaces like phones, tablets, and chairs can last up to 24 hours? This is the reason why people should be extra cautious nowadays.

What if people come across viruses like the coronavirus which is dangerous? That could be dreading! The best way is to be ten steps away and secure yourself and your family.

How many viruses are there in the air?

There is an alarming rate of viruses present in the air every single day. It’s quite unbelievable that there around 800 million viruses every square meter of our world floating on our horizon.

Most of these worldwide viruses are carried by air through sea spray while a smaller number travel through dust storms.

Just by these figures make people rethink a lot of times how to keep oneself healthy and safe all the time.

How far can a virus travel in the air?

It was assumed before that the flu virus travels on large particles or droplets from three to six feet that’s only a short distance by nature. But recently, it was found out that flu viruses are found in small particles in the air and thus can travel farther.

How does a virus become airborne?

Viruses become airborne when they travel on dust particles or small respiratory droplets that become aerosolized when an infected person sneezes or coughs. This is when healthy people can inhale the infectious droplets or the droplets can land on their eyes, nose, and mouth.

This is where wearing a mask comes in. This is the primary protection against catching viruses that are airborne.

Here’s the Top 3 Best N95 Mask for Virus Protection.

UMaster N95 Respirator Mask Smoke Dust Gas Pollution Mask Washed Reusable Face Mask with Filter

UMaster N95 Respirator Mask Smoke Dust Gas Pollution Mask Washed Reusable Face Mask with Filter

This N95 Respirator Mask is really a dependable mask that’s washable and reusable. It’s designed as a breathing mask to help block dirt, dust, and small particles in the air. One thing that’s good about it is it can be used over multiple times.

This will greatly help to reduce your carbon footprint and even protect your health for a long period of time. It’s soft, comfortable and supportive that has an adjustable, over-the-ear strap to ensure ease and comfort all day.

It’s made from breathable cotton with a multi-layered design with activated carbon. It offers better protection against the harmful ill-effects of the environment.

It includes two pieces of 2pcs carbon replacement filters for longer-lasting use and it has the function to fit everyone. This N95 respirator mask is attested to help block colds and for you to enjoy a healthy life for a long time.


  • Great value
  • Perfect for low-quality air days
  • It helps block bacteria, pollen, dust, pollution, and cold-causing germs to keep you safe and healthy every day
  • Each mask respirator also comes complete with 4pcs PM2.5 carbon replacement filters for longer-lasting use at home or when you are traveling
  • This reusable respirator mask can be washed by hand and it’s reusable
  • Each mask respirator is crafted with 6 layers of support that contains activated carbon, melt-blown cotton, and non-woven fabric
  • One-size-fits-most design with adjustable face straps
  • It’s fitted with adjustable, over-the-ear straps to ensure better all-day comfort that won't pinch or hurt the skin


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Moldex 4800 N95 Plus Relief From Organic Vapors AirWave Series With SmartStrap & Full Foam Face Seal

Moldex 4800 N95 Plus Relief From Organic Vapors AirWave Series With SmartStrap & Full Foam Face Seal

This airwave N95 mask can give you relief from nuisance levels of organic vapors and it has a Soft foam full flange for an ultimate comfortable fit. Made with an adjustable cool cloth with a smart strap for a more relaxed custom fit.

A plus factor is that with its smart strap, you can hang it around your neck for while on breaks and for much convenience. It’s safe from getting lost or being forgotten where you placed it down.

The dura-mesh shell is sturdier and it helps the mask last longer thus making it very cost-effective. Its patented wave design is roomier and makes air flows easier and comfortable. The in and out of air makes breathing more convenient without a valve.

The unique Flex Fit has a design that makes the movement of the mouth much better all day long.


  • Comfortable
  • This mask is comfortable, flexible, and high quality
  • It has a good fit and the fact that it accommodates all nose sizes
  • Works great
  • Way more comfortable than other masks
  • It's easier to breathe in with the extra surface area of the folds
  • It’s easier to open the mouth more since it conforms 
  • It's far easier and faster to adjust the straps to fit the head 
  • Versatile fit


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

3M Particulate Respirator 8210V, N95 80 EA/Case

3M Particulate Respirator 8210V, N95 80 EA/Case

Another mask from the 3M N95 cool flow series mask. If you want a mask that’s handy, convenient and less fuzz then this disposable N95 particulate respirator is for you!

It comes with the proprietary 3M cool flow valve that keeps you cool and it offers comfortable and reliable protection against respiratory illnesses.

It’s ideal to wear on even for a longer time and has a cushioned nose foam for comfort. Other notable features include an adjustable nose clip that provides a custom and secure seal, advanced electrostatic media that is designed for easier breathing, it’s compatible with a variety of protective eyewear and also with hearing protection.

Other remarkable features are the inclusion of advanced electrostatically charged microfiber filters and an elastic, latex-free two-strap headband.

It contains 10 N95 masks in a box and it will provide excellent protection from non-oil-based particulates.


  • Great Value and Comfortable
  • Breathe-in, breathe-out effortlessly
  • The "cool flow valve" really helps in keeping you cool and dry
  • Good quality fair pricing
  • Well made, durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Protects your lungs very well from particles
  • They fit snug and stop the harmful dust from emerging your lungs.


  • The yellow elastic bands can snap
  • Not for a large head

Watch this video to learn more about this product

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

It would never be asking too much if people will want to protect themselves against the viruses that float in our midst today. 

As a healthy individual, an N95 mask will be your forefront prevention in breathing in those particles that contain a virus. It’s very crucial not to get sick and be exposed to deadly viruses.

Be socially responsible to oneself as well as the welfare of others will help curb and prevent the spread of viruses.

A mask is must these days! Be safe, be aware, and be responsible at all times.

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