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Best Designer N95 Mask


There is an uprising trend in the fashion air filter face mask that includes the N95. Even the top luxury brand like Gucci has its own take on the face mask. Another notable figure is fashion designer Marine Serre who has her own designer face masks line-up.

This new trend of designer face masks is targeted for people who still want to be in style and to look good while protecting themselves against pollution, bush fires, smog, and viruses.

It’s innovative and refreshing to gear-up oneself with a cool, chic, and fashionable N95 mask.

It can be considered a worthy investment after all. Although they can be more costly, their durability, function, and life span will be justifying its value.

Tips on how to choose and use your designer N95 mask

In choosing your N95 designer mask, pick one with a good fit. It should seal properly so it can protect you fine particles. It should also be worn tight but comfortable on you. It’s recommended to avoid wearing heavy make-up and lipstick underneath your mask.

Buy on from legitimate sellers and resellers to be sure that you’re buying the authentic mask.

Because the designer N95 masks are more expensive, it usually comes with a pouch holder or a carrying case. Always out them inside their bags if not in use.

Always make sure to clean and wash your face mask to maintain its good condition.

Good face masks tend to sit quite high on the bridge of your nose so it’s better to use small-framed sunglasses when wearing a mask.

Here are the best designer N95 masks that can make wearing a mask so stylish and upbeat.

Marine Serre Black Crescent Moon Anti-Pollution Mask

This French designer who’s only 28 years included her own face masks in her collection. This includes the latest apocalyptic face masks recently.

She also designed this black anti-pollution mask that includes the brand's iconic crescent moon graphics on top. 

It’s done from technical fabrication in a stretch weave and it also comes with a fully functioning R-PUR air filter. It completes its final finish with a touch-fastening closure.

It comes with a logo-engraved that’s printed in pink and blue throughout the pattern. It’s truly a very secure mask that gives a good fit.


Reflective textile

Criss-crossing Velcro straps at sides

Detachable filter with Velcro fastening at interior

Mesh lining

You can use an N95 filter with it

Very secure



Product Link:https://hypebeast.com/drops/marine-serre-black-crescent-moon-anti-pollution-mask

Urban air mask 2.0

It’s tagged as the world’s most advanced air mask. It’s designed and made in Sweden. It’s a fashionable face mask that comes in a variety of chic looks that lets awesome while wearing a mask.

This designer mask has a whole new level of protection, breathability, and design. It has a cutting-edge filter technology with a timeless Scandinavian design. It promises to offer outstanding performance and comfort to combat all the harmful particles in the air. 

It comes in four sizes and they’re all reusable and washable.

It’s been engineered to offer a perfect fit for all types of faces and protects against particles as small as 0.3µm. Its multi-layer filter tech is tested at the Camfil R&center in Sweden, one of the world’s most advanced filter laboratories in the world.

It comes with 5 layer filters to ensure your protection.  Includes an active carbon layer that sieves through gases and reduces door as well as two electro-charged layers filtering out larger PM10 particles and smaller PM2.5. The filter itself lasts for about 100 hours and is replaceable. This N95 mask has a very good fit and it boasts of a more personalized fit through its adjustable earloops and head-strap.


It has a 3D-memory nose foam that can provide secure sealing and comfortable wearing while minimizing air leakage while wearing it

It comes with Two exhalation valves that act as a ventilation system that provides comfortable breathing without causing the mask to become warm and moist.

The mask skin is treated with an anti-bacterial coating called Polygiene, which stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

The mask has a great fit and the materials feel very good on the skin

Breathing through it is super easy

Perfect fit

It has models that are water repellent

Comes in Onyx Black, Quartz Grey, Pearl Pink


It’s expensive 

You might need to change the filters more often

Product Link:https://www.amazon.com/Airinum-Urban-Air-Mask-2-0/dp/B07M7LTWJS

Original Link:https://www.airinum.com/products/urban-air-mask-2-0-classic

Aus Air Mask

This mask was conceptualized by Elias Honor, his brother Isaac and their childhood friend Jack Graham. They are all from Sydney who want to offer the world with a very innovative mask.

They produce high-end anti-pollution face masks featuring filters infused with Australian botanicals such as eucalyptus and Tasmanian lavender. 

It comes in the shades of shell pink, black, and grey, AusAir’s masks have a soft yet very futuristic and clean design.

This mask from Australia features highly breathable filters that filter PM2.5 air pollution, pollen, dust, germs and other airborne contaminants including bush fire smoke. 

The Aus Air mask distinct qualities include its dual component design with reusable mask skins and detachable filters.

Each filter will last around 2-4 weeks depending on your use of the mask. All the botanical components are sourced from Australia.


It comes with a case

The filters come in blank filter scent, Tasmanian lavender, coastal tea tree, and Sydney eucalyptus scent

It has a minimalistic design


Very simple yet very futuristic

It has padding around the nose

It’s as comfortable as it should be

It’s washable and reusable


No negative reviews so far

Product Link:https://shopausair.com/collections/mask-packs/products/deep-black

MEO Karen Walker Fashion Series Mask

Meo is a New Zealand-based anti-pollution mask producer who uses a wool filtration system in its mask. They have a collaboration with Karen Walker who’s one of New Zealand’s biggest designers. The Karen Walker face masks series have interchangeable covers and three replaceable filters that come in very attractive designs with birds, filagrees, and shooting stars. 

MEO did the right thing since they’re experiencing a surge in sales with these masks. 

These masks have 5 key elements:

Filtration –It has  MEO HELIX Filter Media that provides superior electrostatic performance thus capturing over 99.85% of PM0.1 particles and filtering out more than 99.99% of airborne bacteria

Breathability – They have the world’s most breathable filter media, allowing the user to receive a steady flow of purified air because it takes less energy to draw air through the filter

Comfort – Comes with soft inner lining provides extra comfort. The unique interior design allows for more breathing space and prevents make-up smudging of a woman

Fashion – You can alternate using their four interchangeable, washable covers designed by Karen Walker that will allow users to stand out and shine

New Zealand Manuka oil – All the MEO Karen Walker Series is infused with specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract to give a calming and soothing respiratory protection to the user

Ease –  The replaceable filters and interchangeable covers are designed to easily exude a fresh look every day to go with your cleaner air


It has a superior electrostatic performance for capturing particles

Removes noxious gases

Inhibits growth of bacteria

It’s made from a renewable resource


The material used in the natural filter is scientifically selected wool from sheep specially breed in Wanaka, New Zealand


It’s also expensive

Original Link:https://www.meoair.com/product/karen-walker-fashion-series/

MEO-AIR New Zealand Karen Walker Design Face Mask for Smog Germ Pollen Dust Allergy Protection, Anti Dust Mask Respirator Anti-Bacterial Reusable Respirator (KW Black Size L)

Another mask from the Karen Walker line. It’s a mask for adults and kids of 8 years up.

It has a very sleek and modern design and it comes with an adjustable clip for different head sizes. It’s best for Wildfire, Smog, Pollen, Allergy, Germ, Dust Protection, painting, and mowing the lawn too.

Its filter is made using New Zealand wool. It’s very comfortable with New Zealand Manuka Essential added to it for relaxed breathing and that’s good for easing allergies, and flu. It offers a good Manuka scent in the mask.

It includes 2 replaceable filters that are inside the face mask and one in the package.


Also, have the 5 key elements of an MEO mask

It comes with a pouch

Offers a very secure seal

It comes with a user’s guide

It has a very nice closure

Very nice material


It’s currently sold-out at Amazon

Product Link:https://www.amazon.com/MEO-AIR-Protection-Respirator-Anti-Bacterial-Reusable/dp/B07YXDWJDS

After Thoughts

It’s true that some users of face masks would want to wear something fashionable and out of normal designs.

Young people are more attracted to brightly colored and designed masks while men lean towards the black and blue plain ones.

The foremost qualities an N95 designer mask should have are still the fit, comfortability, and function. The stylish design will come in as a very much needed bonus and relieve from the usual face masks.

A good N95 mask is a good investment in itself and it would be your choice if you would really want to invest further in an N95 designer mask. You’re very much entitled to secure yourself with a mask you really don’t mind spending on.

After all, staying stylish and trendy with these designer masks is a way of expressing yourself and protecting yourself against the nuisance in the air.

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