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Difference between N95 and N99 Mask


Choosing the right mask that will the right for you could be a baffling thing to do. There are so many options available in the market today.

It would be easier if you recognize what do you actually need it for. It would be an easier task if you’ve finally determined what you need the mask to protect you.

Then, you’re ready to make the final selection.

But what if you’re having second thoughts between purchasing an N95 or an N99 mask?

This will help you decide. 

What’s the difference between N95 and N99 Mask?

What sets an N95 and an N99 mask is simply in their filter’s efficiency level.

N95 mask can filter 95% of particulates while the N99 mask can filter 99% of particulates on the air. 

This follows then that the higher the efficiency, the more particulates will be filtered out and the air will be healthier to breathe.

The N95 is more commonly used between the two.  All N-series mask respirators have no specific service life span since they can be used as long as they’re not damaged and there is no breathing resistance encountered.

Is N99 better than N95?

An N99 air mask can filter up to 99% of the particulate matter 2.5 from the air. Along with the N95, they both don't work very well against oil-based pollutants.

N99 is better than N95 mask in terms of its higher filter rate of particulate matter. It also means that the N99 mask catches even more particles. 

But why is the N95 mask more popular than the N99 mask?

When it comes to a price the N99 is more expensive. 

In terms of life-span and durability, the N99 mask seems to be not the favorite one because it has a tendency to fall apart after two weeks of everyday use due to its less elastic materials.

Adding to that is the N99 mask makes your lungs work harder so your breathing is slower. Considering that wearing this mask requires more of your daily energy, you can get exhausted easier. On the other hand, wearing an N95 mask will protect you from 95% of particles in the air while keeping your productivity and energy at the best possible levels.

To conclude, although the N99 can filter 99 % of airborne particles, the N95 mask is cheaper, it makes you less tired, and it can last longer. It makes a better choice in the long run.

The important thing is to make sure that you protect your body from the multiple hazardous air particles whether you choose an N95 or N99 mask.

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