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Carbon Filter Face Mask Uses


One of the most popular face masks is the ones with a carbon filter in it. A lot of studies and research have been done to prove that airborne particles lead to respiratory, cardiovascular, and pulmonary abnormalities.

These particles are very harmful to the lungs when inhaled. It can cause chronic illnesses to humans.  It could lead to asthma, heart ailments, cancer, and respiratory problems.

Ordinary face masks can’t filter those and ordinary face masks may result in hard breathing while wearing them.

There is a mask that can help in the blocking and filtering of small particles like an N95, surgical mask with high filtration efficiency, and carbon filter mask.

Here are some of the beneficial uses of a carbon filter face mask.

A carbon filter mask has good absorption ability and this function can help to avoid inhalation exposure to vaporized C.P.A.

Wearing a carbon face mask may prevent anticancer drug inhalation by health care workers.

It eliminates some toxins and it does help improve the quality of the oxygen that you’re inhaling.

A carbon filter mask will protect you against bacteria, viruses, and fungus, as well as it can prevent diseases and allergic reactions.

Active carbon filter mask has granules that are mainly used in air-purifying respirator cartridges or canisters to absorb organic vapors. It absorbs and removes the volatile organic vapors from the breathing air.

Mask with activated carbon filters has antimicrobial agents. Their antibacterial property was found to be much more satisfactory than just an ordinary mask.

Carbon filter masks are most effective at removing chlorine, particles such as sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste, and odor.

The particle sizes which can be removed by the carbon filter mask range from 0.5-50 μm.

The effectiveness of a carbon filter mask will not only depend on the particle size but also the rate of flow of fluid through the filter. This transpires when fluid is allowed to flow through the filter at a slower rate. In this case, the contaminants will then be exposed to the filter media for a longer amount of time that will result in fewer impurities.

It can also remove certain chemicals that when the user inhales, the air will be pulled through the filter.

These are all the wonderful uses and benefits of a carbon filter mask. It’s no wonder it’s one of the sought after face mask today. You get all the protection against particles, odors, vapors, and hazardous substances in the atmosphere.

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