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Is Reusable Mask Good?


Most mask are meant to be disposed of after use, however there are now masks that can be reused. But is reusable mask good? It all depends on the quality, usage and storage. There are different kinds of reusable masks, some are washable, some have replaceable filters, etc. Apart from that, masks are labeled on what it can filter and up to how many microns. The smaller the size it can filter the better.

Most manufacturers have guidelines on how to properly use and take care of a reusable mask. They also provide a limit on the number of times a certain reusable mask can be used. Reusable masks can only provide utmost protection by taking good care of it and by wearing it properly. A poorly fitted mask may not give the protection you need, so it is best to throw masks that do not fit snugly anymore.

Since there are different kinds of reusable masks, make sure that the mask on hand is the correct mask for the situation. If a person works in a hospital, best to use a reusable surgical mask or a surgical N95 respirator. These masks can filter up to 95% of particles, body fluids and blood. For those who are sick do not want to spread their virus, a regular face mask is enough. People who are into sports or wear prescription glasses, reusable mask with exhale valves is a good option.

You can find reusable masks on Amazon.

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