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How is coronavirus prevented?


Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be prevented by simply washing your hands and practicing good hygiene. According to experts, the proper way to wash your hands takes at least 20 seconds. You have to make sure that you are washing your hands with clean and running water. Apply soap and allow it to lather. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds while making sure to get the dirt in between your fingers and on your fingernails. Rinse your hands and dry using a clean towel. 

You have to clean your hands before and after preparing food as well as before and after eating. You do the same when you go to the toilet and if you are caring for someone. You also need to wash your hands after petting animals or touching anything that carries dust. 

You may also use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. The virus could be transferred by hand and frequent hand washing or sanitizing can kill the virus. 

Another way to prevent coronavirus is to keep you from traveling, especially to countries where a high number of COVID-19 cases are being reported. Among the top 10 countries with the most number of cases are China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Japan and Switzerland, among others. The virus has affected 109 countries. 

If you have no choice but to travel to those countries, you have to self-quarantine yourself for at least two weeks especially if you are feeling sick like experiencing a headache plus slight runny nose. If you develop cough, fever and are having difficulty breathing, then you definitely need medical advice. However, you have to make sure that when you do, you have a mask on and that you don’t interact with civilian people.

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Copyright © Survival Gear for Sale 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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