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Does Surgical Mask Expire?


After the N95 mask, the next to-go-to mask for protection is a surgical mask. It has a filtration efficiency of 80 percent or higher.

Surgical masks are usually made from non-woven fabric or polypropylene. A legit surgical mask should have a lot number that can be found on the packaging of the product. It also includes the manufacturing date and expiry date on it.

Does Surgical Mask Expire?

Yes, surgical masks do expire.  The unused disposable surgical masks are valid for about three years from the date of the manufacture and they should be not opened and are stored properly.

If they are opened, you must dispose of them after three months as the medical component of the face masks might break down and lose their effectiveness. The worst scenario is it may attract micro-organisms and cost irritations and skin infections.

Surgical masks are not intended to be used for a long time. They should be replaced with a new one when they are soiled or damaged as well as if breathing through the face mask becomes uneasy and more difficult.

The discarded mask can still spread infection so they should be disposed of properly by keeping it inside a well tight plastic bag before throwing it in the lidded waste disposal bin.

How to properly store surgical masks to maximize its three years shelf life? 

You can ensure that you can keep your surgical masks in good condition if you follow these steps.

Avoid keeping the surgical masks in an environment of high temperature and humidity.

Make sure that the storage space and container of the masks are clean.

Don’t forget to record the purchase date to be able to be well-tracked of the expiry date.

How long can a surgical mask be worn?

Surgical masks contain filters to prevent the germs and pollutants from being spread. For hygienic purposes, you should replace them when they get moist. These masks can only be worn for a maximum of eight hours and it is best to replace them regularly so they can remain effective and safe to use.

You’re now aware that a surgical mask does expire and you can refrain in using and buying the expired ones. Invest in surgical masks that are in top condition and quality to benefit from its utmost protection against airborne viruses.

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