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Disinfectant Wipes vs Bleach


When disinfecting the home or office, sometimes one may get confused with disinfectant wipes vs bleach and find it hard to determine which one is better at disinfecting.

Most disinfecting wipes are manufactured using synthetic fibers that have been found effective and convenient in disinfecting many equipment and surfaces. These wipes were soaked in a chemical solution which makes it capable of killing germs. You can just wipe it on the surface that you want to disinfect and voila! Its germ-killing activity starts to activate. Its ability to kill germs is attributed to its “quats” content which is known to be totally effective for use in disinfecting. These disinfectant wipes are packaged to be ready for use. These wipes, when kept sealed, may have a shelf life of up to a month or longer. When buying disinfectant wipes, it is best to opt for the ones that guarantee a good safety profile, with less or zero risk for human exposure. But, some disinfectant wipes, depending on their chemical content may not work well with surfaces made from stainless steel or polycarbonate.

Bleach, on the other hand, is also another powerful disinfectant due to its sodium hypochlorite content. Bleach can kill viruses, fungi and bacteria. It can also kill coronavirus. But, it also has the potential to damage what you are disinfecting so it is important to conduct a portion test first before applying it all throughout the surface. Household bleach can disinfect within ten minutes to an hour when it is diluted. However, bleach has a reputation for reacting easily with other types of chemicals which would mean it will not only stink but it could also, like what it’s named for, bleach surfaces. So, use it with much caution.

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