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Toilet Paper Shortage in US


There are few sights more disconcerting in modern-day America than a grocery store with barren shelves, and in recent weeks, Costcos and Krogers across the country have seen whole aisles wiped clean as fears about the coronavirus outbreak have escalated to alarming heights.

At first, anxieties about contracting the virus led to a run on protective face masks and hand sanitizer, but as the number of Covid-19 cases in the US has swelled and millions have been advised to work from home, attend classes online, and otherwise limit contact with others, stockpiling and panic-buying have led to shortages in other categories. Now, stores are straining to keep all kinds of products — Lysol wipes Clorox bleach, toilet paper, bottled water, thermometers, canned food, bread, Tylenol, and hand soap— in stock.

While the biggest grocery chains, food suppliers, and consumer goods brands are generally well-equipped to handle this kind of surge in demand, experts say the global reach of their supply chains is contributing to the problem. Many stores have now reduced their opening hours and placed purchasing limits on high-demand products to let workers replenish shelves, but there is still uncertainty throughout their supply chains.

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