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Best Disinfectant Wipes For Electronics


Cell phones, computers, remote controls, touchpads…electronics are at our fingertips at every turn, and our fingertips are both boarding and landing sites for a wide variety of microbes. Is this a problem? There are lots of microbes–microscopic life forms–in and on us, and on surfaces all around us. Many are harmless and even helpful, but there are also those that spread sickness—germs—like colds, flu, MRSA and norovirus.

Commonly touched and shared electronics, such as touch screens, remote controls and the keyboards of shared computers, need frequent cleaning and disinfection. This is particularly important in schools (where students regularly attend “computer lab”) and healthcare settings (where electronic medical records are becoming the norm), but also in the home, especially during cold and flu season.

Use a disinfectant with parts alcohol and regularly clean electronic devices to curb the spread of germs and pathogens. 

Wringing out your disinfecting wipe is important to avoid moisture seeping into the interiors of electronic devices. If a disinfecting wipe is unavailable, use pre-moistened alcohol-based eyeglass lens cleaner or mild soap and water on a cloth or paper towel.

Endust for Electronics, Surface Cleaning Wipes

Endust for Electronics, Surface cleaning wipes, Great LCD and Plasma wipes, 70 Count (11506)

Clean and protect your valuable electronic screens and devices, keeping them in new condition with Endust For Electronics Screen and Electronics Cleaning Wipes. These pre-moistened and streak free anti-static wipes will rid your electronic screens from dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Specially formulated to safely clean your LCD and plasma screens, tablets, smartphones and remote controls. The debris will cling to the fabric on the wipe, rather than leaving the debris on your device, resulting in a flawless, streak free surface. Each 7” x 5” wipe removes fingerprints, reduces dust buildup and cleans smudges, leaving a mirror like shine. A soft, non-abrasive alcohol and ammonia free formula is specially formulated to safely clean screens and electronic surfaces. Endust For Electronics Screen and Electronics Cleaning Wipes contain 70 count pre-moistened wipes to clean all household and office electronic surfaces.

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