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Disinfecting Wipes Usage


Ideally, disinfectant wipes must be used only in specific circumstances. For example, when you are in the kitchen and you’re handling raw meats you should use wipes when disinfecting the surfaces. It is also wise to use disinfectant wipes when doing the cleaning right after having a sick child. But, nowadays when the threat of coronavirus never seems to wane, disinfecting the entire house becomes a daily necessity. These disinfectant wipes are so crucial when cleaning high-touch surfaces and things such as doorknobs, phones and light switches.

The proper protocol for disinfecting surfaces involves four steps. The first step involves pre-cleaning, followed by disinfecting which also means allowing the surface to remain wet for a specified period of time, as indicated on the product label. The third and fourth steps involve wiping the surface clean and then rinsing it with clean water.

However, it is important that you avoid reusing a wipe.  Otherwise, you run the risk of recontamination. Reusing it would only transfer the pathogens from one area to another. Keep in mind that not using these wipes correctly may only lead to two things: contaminating the surface that used to be free from pathogens and second, not being able to kill the germs and these will only defeat one’s purpose of using the wipes.

Depending on the brand of the disinfectant wipes you are using, you may need to use several pieces of wipes in order to ensure that the surface remains wet long enough to kill germs. Some products require that the surface stay wet for four minutes while others require ten minutes for total disinfection.

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