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Does a Hand Sanitizer Kill Viruses?


Washing of hands with soap and water is not always available or accessible, especially if one is traveling or is outdoors. The best way to clean hands when soap and water is unavailable is by using alcohol or hand sanitizer. Some people prefer using hand sanitizer due to its convenience and ease of access. Alcohol has been proven to kill germs and viruses, however many are still unsure if hand sanitizer is also effective in killing some viruses.

Hand sanitizers are normally made of isopropyl alcohol, propanol or ethyl alcohol. Since most hand sanitizers contain alcohol, it can also kill certain germs and viruses. However, it still depends on the percentage of alcohol content in the hand sanitizer. Those that contain at least 60%-95% alcohol are considered to be more effective.

Before purchasing a hand sanitizer, best to read the alcohol content first to ensure that it can really kill germs and viruses. It is also important to keep in mind that the alcohol in hand sanitizer evaporates once used or opened. This only means that its effectiveness can deplete overtime and may not be as effective. The only way to keep viruses away is by regularly disinfecting the hands whether with soap and water or alcohol and hand sanitizer.

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