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Wearing a Surgical Mask at Work


A person uses a surgical mask for personal protection against harmful air particles and contaminants.

There are jobs and industries that require wearing a surgical mask at work. It’s part of their daily lives that they need to wear a surgical mask.

Here are some of the jobs that needs a surgical mask when at work.

Health professionals like doctors, nurses, caregivers, dentists, dental assistants, and those who work in the laboratory.

Health care workers are faced with safety risks every time they step into hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. These workers handle body fluids, use hazardous chemicals and perform routine physical tasks. All health care professionals should protect themselves from harm.

Those who work in manufacturing plants can be exposed to tiny fibers and fumes from the machines. Even firefighters use them in times of emergencies.

There are also nail technicians and construction workers that can inhale those chemicals.

Nowadays, you could see people going to work with a surgical mask on.  They do it to prevent themselves from getting some communicable diseases like a cold or the flu or because they are allergic to pollen or something else in the air.

Aside from those, they have the effort to shield themselves for further health risks.

Some of the most popular reasons why a person wears a surgical mask to work are they are suffering from flu or cold or any communicable disease and it will prevent them from transmitting to others, they want to be protected from getting infected with a cold or any other communicable diseases especially during the winter season, and they are suffering from, pollen or dust allergies, which mostly happens during the spring season.

It’s now accepted culturally in every country to wear a surgical mask at any time and even at the workplace. 

People no longer a mask if there’s a flu or virus outbreak. They use it as daily protective gear to keep them healthy and not to be vulnerable to any risk in their wellness.

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