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What does 3 ply mask mean?


A 3 ply mask means it has 3 layers into it to protect its users against harmful airborne pollutants and particles and it helps reduce the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria.

The 3 Ply face mask contains a high-level of static filtration through its non-woven middle layer that can filter out the micro dust and bacteria. 

The 3 ply pertains to the following components:

  • The outer layer made from a non-woven and liquid-resistant polypropylene material
  • The middle layer that a 3 ply mask has that’s the filter media barrier to block those bacteria and viruses. It’s made from a non-woven, liquid-resistant, melt-blown polypropylene material.  This is the most important feature of a 3 ply mask.
  • And lastly, the inner layer that’s made from non-woven and liquid-resistant polypropylene material. 

Both the outer and innermost layers are water-resistant and don’t filter at all. It means it can prevent saliva and mucous in going out and any blood or other bodily fluids in getting in

The middle layer, is the real filter layer that functions to filter particles and droplets both ways that means it prevents the germs from the user from going out, and it also prevents the germs and droplets from the outside to come in and to penetrate the user.

Wearing a 3 ply mask in the times where coronavirus is still present in our world today can help to prevent infections and contaminations by also protecting the user to touch his or her face with dirty and unsanitized hands.

It’s also a preventive measure to block the inhalation of viral particles in the air. Be sure to purchase a 3 ply mask to assure you that you’ll be securely protected.

Don’t forget that along with your 3 ply mask,  you should always practice good hand hygiene before putting on your mask and make sure too that it fits snugly on your face.

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