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Is PM 2.5 same as N95 mask


No, they are not the same! And knowing the facts about these masks will spell the difference between life and death. Let’s start with the PM 2.5. This mask is a good protection against pollution. It is called PM 2.5 because it can protect you against particulate matter with the size of 2.5 microns. So if you have this mask on, you won’t be inhaling pollutants like vehicle emission, soil dust, industrial emission, secondary aerosols, among others.

N95 mask, on the other hand, is a respirator mask that can filter 95% of particles that have a diameter of 0.3 micron or bigger. That should already tell you that there is such a big difference between the PM 2.5 and N95 mask. Knowing the difference is important especially if you are using these masks to protect yourself from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Coronavirus reportedly measures between 0.05 and 0.2 micron.

Both the PM 2.5 and N95 masks are forms of personal protective equipment. However, while the PM 2.5 is effective against haze and air pollution, it won’t work as protection against coronavirus. But if you are not a frontliner, this is better than not having protection at all as long as you couple this with social distancing and proper hygiene. The N95 is the best kind of protection for coronavirus right now—as long as they are fit properly.

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