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Can I still use an expired Surgical Mask?


An expired surgical mask can just cover your face and that’s it. You can compare it to drinking an opened soda without any spirit anymore. It’s stale and bland.

The effectiveness of its components is no longer 100%. Surgical masks have filters in them and they can be already disintegrated past their used by dates. 

If the surgical mask has germicidal functions or is sterile, their functions and potency might be gone from its original state.

It’s attested and proven that surgical masks lose their effectivity and might have accumulated unwelcome micro-organisms and cost irritations and skin infections in the storage.

Surgical masks have expiration dates on them to give the user the assurance of its effectivity only up to a certain period of time. The manufacturer can only guarantee its superior function in the given time-frame.

Using an expired surgical mask will no longer be effective and it’s useless. 

Each surgical mask should be used and maintained in accordance with the individual manufacturer-provided user instructions and guidance. 

If a manufacturer of a surgical mask attached and put in the label the following like expiration date, shelf life, or “use by” date then it should not be relied upon to provide the expected level of protection after the indicated date. 

Consequently, after the date indicated, it is no longer considered under the guarantee of the manufacturer. The manufacturer is no longer liable to the risk the user could be facing in using their expired product.

It’s never too safe to compromise your protection in risking it with using anything expired and that includes a surgical mask. Always put in mind that these masks are here as a protective measure to prevent inhalation of airborne pathogens including seasonal, swine and other forms of influenza and severe acute respiratory syndrome such as SARS.

Never gamble your life with an expired mask.

Be sure that the protection you have in a surgical mask stays in perfect condition, not expired and ready to use anytime.

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