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Does 3M Mask Protect against Virus?


3M is the leading brand in face mask including the N95 mask. It’s no surprise at all, but do you know that 3M produced and introduced the first NIOSH approved disposable filtering face-piece respirator in 1972?

Since then they never stopped developing, innovating and producing a full line-up of 

NIOSH-approved N95 respirators for a variety of industries from agriculture to health care to construction and more.

As the saying goes, nothing beats the original. 3M is the most qualified to offer and provide the world with masks to protect against viruses.

They produce the best-in-class 3M N95 respirators. They have proprietary filter technologies to state-of-the-art labs around the globe where they conduct advanced experiments. Here’s why 3M N95 respirators are the best.

They looked at ways to always improve the filter fibers known as filter media. Over the last 35 years, the 3M came up with the electrostatic charge fibers into their disposable respirators. This will enable it to attract more particles to the fibers, catching and preventing them from entering your airways.

The result of this 3M Advanced Electrostatic Media (AEM) is the 8210 respirator that has the lowest breathing resistance when compared to several competitive respirators.

The next key to 3M masks is the fit. Their state-of-the-art global labs paved the way for important discoveries and advancements, providing options in respiratory protection for users around the world. They tested and researched facial structures to help them to cover many face types and shapes.

Another 3M trademark 3M Cool Flow Valve was carefully thought of so it could be ventilating the respirator. This unique valve seals during inhalation and opens automatically during exhalation, reducing heat and moisture and directing the air away from your face.

It’s now very popular since the biggest reason why people didn’t like wearing their respirator was the heat. The air that comes out of your lungs is hot and humid. It quickly fills up the respirator cavity, making contact with your face. That’s why the 7 degrees of cool is now in all 3M N95 masks.

It’s just fitting to say that a 3M mask can truly protect against viruses and not just that but as 3M would always say: Help protect your lungs, now and in the future, with a 3M N95 Respirator.

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