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Where is coronavirus a concern?


Coronavirus is a global concern—meaning it is a concern all over the world. However, there are seven countries where the number of cases has actually reached four digits. In China, where the deadly COVID-19 originated, 80,761 people contracted the virus and 3,136 of them died. Because of their proximity to China, the countries of Thailand, South Korea and Japan quickly experienced a ballooning number of cases in early 2020. 

However, in the last few weeks, COVID-19 has reached Europe. Now, five of the top 10 countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases are European nations. Italy follows China with the most number of cases with 10,149 including 631 deaths. Iran ranks third with 8.042 cases and 291 deaths. South Korea (7,513 cases and 58 deaths) and France (1,784 cases and 33 deaths) round up the top five.

Rounding up the top 10 countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases are Spain, Germany, U.S., Japan and Switzerland. Thailand doesn’t even figure in the top 10 anymore. The cruise ship Diamond Princess also figured at the top with 696 cases and seven deaths. It has since been harbored in Japan but is tallied separately from the country.

Twelve more countries have a number of cases that reach three digits. Australia recorded 103 cases and three deaths while the Netherlands recorded 351 cases with zero deaths. There are now 115 countries that have recorded at least one COVID-19 case.

Where is novel coronavirus found? 

It is found in 115 countries and is present in all continents except Antartica. It originated in Wuhan City, China. Although, China strongly rejects the notion that it started in the country. The objection was specifically to the term “Wuhan coronavirus” being thrown around lately. Ministry officials then said that the virus, which was first reported in the Hubei province, may not have originated in China. There is no factual conclusion that said so.

The official term of the novel coronavirus is COVID-19, in reference to coronavirus disease 2019. The first few victims of the novel virus were from Wuhan City and experts eventually traced it to a market that sells exotic animals. 

Coronaviruses could be found in humans and animals. But the COVID-19 is believed to have started from an animal and then passed on to humans. The human-to-human transmission could be done through respiratory droplets. This means that infected people could pass it on when they cough or sneeze and their respiratory droplets are inhaled by a nearby person. It would take only six feet for the virus to spread. 

While China could be easily tagged as the source of the virus, it could not be denied that COVID-19 is officially a global health issue. The virus has since spread to 115 countries.

What is a human coronavirus infection?

There are several strains of coronaviruses. There are coronaviruses that affect animals and are spread from one animal to the next. There are also coronaviruses that affect humans and are spread from one person to another. As far as experts are concerned, the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is a virus that originated in animals and transmitted to humans. 

The human coronavirus infection, therefore, refers to the virus invading body tissues causing a disease. In the case of COVID-19, the disease is respiratory illness. People who have been infected will have fever, cough and would experience shortness of breath. If you think there is a possibility that you could have contracted the virus, you have to self-isolate for around two weeks. COVID-19 symptoms could show between two and 14 days. However, if you feel worse, then you have to seek medical attention. Please wear surgical mask in order to contain the spread of the disease when you go out. 

Meanwhile, for those travelling from countries where COVID-19 is a serious problem like China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Spain, Germany, U.S., Japan and Switzerland, you should self-quarantine for two to 14 days. 

To prevent infection, people should practice proper hygiene. Wash your hands regularly or at least use alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% concentration. The practice of proper hygiene could kill the virus. 

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