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Best cloth or fabric material to make mask


A face mask is part of our new normal until we are all safe from catching the dreaded COVID-19 virus in the world today.

As soon as the CDC recommended and suggested the use of cloth masks, a lot of people started doing their take of homemade cloth masks. CDC mentioned the use of an old scarf, bandana, hand towel, and even the coffee filter was included as your variable materials for your mask.

But what are the best cloth or fabric to make a mask?

It’s best if it’s a tightly woven cotton material to be used such as quilting fabrics and cotton sheets. T-shirt materials are good too.

As they say, some things are not created equal, so the hands-down winner is a thicker high-grade cotton fabric. It’s more efficient as compared to fabrics with lower thread counts and that has more open weave in them.

The best test if your fabric is thick enough is to hold it up against a bright light or the sun. Check and see if the light goes through the fabric. If it does, then its filtration is not good enough. If the fabric blocks more of the light then it would be more efficient to use.

You could also improvise and alter your mask if you’ll use lower-end cotton on the outside. You can reinforce it by using flannel as an inner layer. Your mask should have at least two-layers since it can perform better as compared to a single layer mask.

The logical sense into this would be that the small particles would have to find their way through both layers to get through the mask. You should also be able to breathe better using cotton materials.

What are the other best fabrics for making a mask?

Here are some more materials you can use that you might have at home.

  • cotton mix fabric
  • 100% cotton t-shirt  and make it two layers
  • antimicrobial pillowcase
  • standard pillowcase
  • scarf
  • linen
  • bandana
  • cotton handkerchief

The material must be breathable as much as it can help you stop the spread and transmission of disease.

Any mask should be kept as clean as possible to avoid contaminating yourself and a mask would be good when donned and at the same time practicing frequent handwashing with soap, social distancing, and good hygiene.

Those are still the best ways to protect yourself and others.

You can find fabrics for masks on Amazon.

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