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How Long Should A Mask Lanyard Be?



Covid 19 had affected a lot of lives in all parts of the world. It had caused major changes in people's daily lives. Today, the new normal for most countries is by wearing a mask and/or face shield when going to public areas. Children and the elderly are also not allowed to go out of their homes. Because of this, people had to find ways on how to adapt, and one way to do this is by using mask lanyards to prevent them from forgetting to wear their masks. 

Mask lanyards are like accessories that people attach to their masks. It comes in different designs, styles, and materials. You will be surprised at how creative people can be during this trying time. Mask lanyard is available for both kids and adults and comes in different sizes and lengths.

There is really no standard size for a mask lanyard. As long as it can secure your mask without trouble, then that's all right. However, a fairly comfortable length for a mask lanyard is around mid-chest. Mask lanyard that is too long can be a hassle, and a lanyard that is too short can also be annoying. When buying a mask lanyard, make sure to check whether it is for an adult or kids to ensure that it will fit you or your child well.

If you are planning to create your own mask lanyard, be sure to measure the cord first before cutting it. In order to get the desired length, simply hang the ribbon or cord on the back of the neck and decide how long you want it to be. Some people also put a cord lock on their lanyard so they can easily adjust it to their desired length. Adding a cord lock is actually very helpful as it can also keep your mask well fitted while you're wearing it.

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