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Solid Black Activated Carbon Face Masks


The continuous outbreak of the deadly pneumonia-like virus, which traced to have originated in Wuhan, China. It’s now recognized as a global health emergency by the WHO.

There are at least 23 countries outside of China that reported to have coronavirus infected individuals. This is becoming more alarming at this point.

Wearing a mask will protect you from catching those deadly viruses aside from washing your hands more frequently with at least 70% alcohol hand sanitizer or soap and water.

In this situation, we don’t stop to look for better masks that will make us feel safer against the coronavirus.

How effective is an Activated Carbon Face Mask?

An N95 mask will be able to filter 95% of those tiny particles in the air but it’s not designed to emit those harmful gases. 

There are masks that have a combined feature that includes activated charcoal that also reduces exposure to gases and omits odors. These masks usually have replaceable carbon filters.

It’s also proven that wearing an N95 facemask while walking reduces blood pressure and is lower than when not wearing a facemask.  While people with heart disease, the blood flow and oxygen delivery to the heart are seen to be better when wearing the N95 facemask.

It’s attested that wearing a particle-filtering mask can reduce the short-term exposure effects on the heart and blood vessels of exposure to air pollution aside from filtering 95% of tiny microns.

Having an activated carbon face mask will double and ensure your protection of the environmental irritants and pollutants in the air.

The best is to have both filters.

What are the two necessary filters in a mask?

The first filter usually on an N95 mask is the ability to remove particulate matter. They are designed to block particulates and pollen. This type of filter is usually made from non-woven materials made countless fibers bonded together. 

They are electrostatically charged, both positively and negatively so that particles that are passing through the filter structure will be attracted and physically held in the mold of the material. 

The smaller the particle, the greater the attractive force will be and that the materials which are electrostatically charged can readily trap fine respirable specks of dust that inhabits the air in our environment.

The second type of filter is activated charcoal material. It has the ability to filter and adsorb dust, odors, gases, and vapors. There are many benefits associated with using activated carbon filters. These purifiers can be used to clean and to get rid of unwanted or harmful contaminants that can be hazardous to your health.

In air purification systems, activated carbon filters can be used to filters to trap known allergens and impurities thus making it very helpful in one’s safety.

Here’s the top 3 Solid Black Activated Carbon Face Masks you can consider for your added protection.

SleeBas Reusable Breathing Mask Activated Carbon Dustproof Respirator Safety Mask

SleeBas Reusable Breathing Mask Activated Carbon Dustproof Respirator Safety Mask

It’s made from high-grade non-woven fabric with an activated carbon filter. This face mask can filter out 99% of exhaust, pollen, smoke, dust, chemicals, particles and fumes.

It has excellent breathability quality and it’s comfortable and lightweight to use. It is also washable and re-usable. The filters are very easy to change and be replaced.

It comes with an array of features like an adjustable nose clip, earloop design to keep the mask in place, elastic tape with an adjustable Velcro that can be easily adjusted to fit the wearer.

It’s very easy to use and its dual one-way breathing valves allow exhaustion of heat and carbon dioxide easily, providing smooth breathing. Another plus factor is that the mask doesn't heat up inside.


  • It comes with an additional 6 pcs of filters that can be changed
  • Good quality
  • More comfortable
  • It easily conforms to different face
  • It allows you to breathe normally and comfortably
  • Lightweight
  • This mask will do its job to keep you from getting sick
  • It looks cool too


  • It can’t filter anything if you don’t close the side vents properly

Where to buy:

FlyLuoKe Dustproof Dust Mask with 2 Valves and 4 Activated Carbon N99 Filters

FlyLuoKe Dustproof Dust Mask with 2 Valves and 4 Activated Carbon N99 Filters

This is another solid black mask with 2 valves and 4 activated carbon N99 filters.

Its premium material is made from nylon that makes breathing comfortable. The soft texture makes it a good mask with a unique ventilation design.

To complete its functions, It comes with an adjustable nose clip to secure the fit and, double air breathing valves that open up without resistance that gives smooth breathing at the user's end.

It’s easy to keep clean and you can replace it with other new valves and cotton all by yourself.


  • Its exhaust works well so it doesn't feel like you’re forcing the air through the fabric
  • You can breathe easily without any discomfort
  • It is adjustable enough so that you can wear it tight with a nice seal
  • Works very well
  • This mask has valves that open when one breathes out and when one breathes in and air comes through the filter smoothly
  • The filter is a pretty heavy-duty filter very n closes with the Velcro so it fits many sizes it also comes with additional filters
  • It’s non-irritating and very comfortable
  • High quality with a reasonable price


  • It does not work quite well with your eyeglass on at all

Where to buy:

Anti Dust Virus Haze Pollen Bacteria Respirator Face Mask with Carbon Filter

Anti Dust Virus Haze Pollen Bacteria Respirator Face Mask with Carbon Filter

This mask fit for a regularly sized-face It’s designed to have the ability to isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, fumes, and particulates.

The perfect example of an ergonomically structured mask wherein the size can be adjusted to meet your right fit It comes with a.According to the person nose piece made from aluminum to prevent it to be out of place.

Its breathability is above-par with holes on the sides for excellent ventilation. It’s equipped with two valves for easier airflow. The mask can be washed and it’s reusable and the filter is replaceable.


  • Breathable
  • It has a fixed aluminum sheet on the nose bridge to keep it in place
  • Comes with two breathing valves
  • Has ventilation on the sides
  • It’s a half-face mask for more coverage
  • Lightweight polyester material
  • Comfortable


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

In the past few years, activated carbon has become very popular with a lot of beneficial uses to it. It is now a popular component to remove a significantly higher amount of air pollutants.  

The activated carbon in a filter will catch  more airborne contaminants and it has the capacity to absorb it faster. It’s also more proficient in preventing the buildup of bacteria that’s in the air.

Activated carbon filters are important protection to any air purifying need. They can be used alone or together with other filters to significantly reduce the number of impurities in the surroundings.  It’s great to have around because you’re assured you can breathe easily using an activated carbon filter mask.

It is time for us to know these things that can help us deal with our battle against hazardous airborne particles and pollutants. 

Fear not but gear yourself with a proper mask!

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