Childrens Outdoor Playhouse (Every Child's Ultimate Outdoor Adventure)

Childrens Outdoor Playhouse (Every Child's Ultimate Outdoor Adventure)

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Every child’s fondest activity and luxury is having an outdoor playhouse. Those countless afternoons spent here is incomparable. Every adult’s vivid memory of a happy childhood was also the outdoor playhouse they used to hang-out to. 

There is a wide range of outdoor playhouses to choose from. The popular types are the plastic outdoor playhouses and the wooden outdoor playhouses.  Start them young with a toddler outdoor playhouse, then later on to kids outdoor playhouse, and finally to the big kids outdoor playhouse. 

It’s a wonderful and essential part of the growing-up years of every child!

Childrens Outdoor Playhouse

Childhood is incomplete without an outdoor playhouse. Not only can it be good physically but mentally as well. It’s a sanctuary for children with their own space and rules. Children can develop their flexibility, strength, alertness, and maturity in the outdoor playhouse.

Be able to give your child the best outdoor playhouse he/she deserves. What’s good is they come in different sizes, shapes, and prices. The price ranges from cheap to the more pricey ones.

Actually, there are cheap plastic outdoor playhouses and cheap wooden outdoor playhouses available that are very easy on the pocket! You just need to go the extra mile and do some researching and comparing.

The outdoor playhouse will be constant in every child’s life beyond time, culture, race, and gender. So don’t dilly-dally about it. Time to find the best children's outdoor playhouse real quick.

Amidst its popularity, there are a lot of questions that can be raised to be able to inform and educate everyone.

The following questions are frequently asked questions about outdoor playhouses.

How can an outdoor playhouse be beneficial to our children?

More so now, being in the new millennium, it is essential to let children play in outdoor playhouses. They can gain a lot of benefits from it. It is beneficial for these reasons: 

  • Outdoor play enhances motor development for children.
  • Basic knowledge in life can be achieved.
  • This can take them away from indulging too much on television, computers and cellphones.
  • Physical activity can be a form of exercise for them to be fit.
  • They can learn about nature and life itself.
  • Exploration and independence can be learned.
  • Being exposed outdoors can make the immune system of children stronger.
  • Children can learn to interact with each other.
  • There is no feeling of restriction and they are free to run, slide, play and learn.
  • They also learn the value of team playing and taking turns in the swing, slide and other facilities.

Outdoor Playhouse Benefits and Reasons

Why do children need an outdoor playhouse?

Children need to unwind too. Being confined indoor or at school can limit their ability for growth. Being outside can develop them emotionally. They can experience the ultimate joy of playing or sometimes, the frustration when they fall when running.  They can be one with nature and have healthier lungs due to the fresh air.

Children need Outdoor Playhouse

What makes an outdoor playhouse educational?

An outdoor playhouse is a more relaxing way of learning. It is commonly equipped with a small kitchen, make-believe stoves, refrigerator, and other appliances. The children can do role playing and learn to do household chores. It can also serve as a makeshift classroom outdoor. Tables and chairs can be placed inside. A study showed that children love to do their homework in their outdoor playhouse. They feel less stressed in this less constricting area. It can produce an atmosphere conducive to for playing and studying.

At what age should a child have an outdoor playhouse?

Parents only want the best for their kids. One of the most sought item that they would like to give their child/children is an outdoor playhouse. They have the mind set to give their kid what they experienced as a kid. The joy that a playhouse can give can be unmeasured and unequaled by other toys.

As early as 18 months, parents can think about outdoor playhouse for toddlers. This is a good aid in the child’s motor and speech development. They can crawl, walk around, run, and slide with their parent’s supervision. Words can be introduced such as open, climb, sit, walk, run, close, come, careful, slowly and a bunch of language forming words.

Some give their children their playhouse during their pre-school days. They can keep themselves busy and amused when they are still not at school. They can spend their mornings and afternoons here.

If they are already of school age, they can play and do their homework in their outdoor playhouse. They will develop their social skills better at this age.

The best age could be from 18 months to 7 years old. These are the formative years. Having a playhouse can enhance their growth mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Is an outdoor playhouse safe?

A suggestion is to thoroughly check on the product description. It is also helpful to check on the product reviews. You will have a lot of input and feedback from these. Minimal or full supervision can be considered depending on the ages of the children. Older children can be responsible enough on their own.

You can read more details here about outdoor playhouse safety.

What is the ideal size of an outdoor playhouse?

The size and dimension of the ideal outdoor playhouse will be dependent on the age/s of child/children, location that it will be put and the function it will serve.

Most parents will buy for long- lasting usage regardless of the kid’s ages. They might opt to buy a bigger one so it can be used for a longer time. Here are suggested sizes for different age groups-

  • 18 months - Ideal would be H 42.75 in x W 35 in x D 49 in
  • Toddlers and school- aged kids - H 58 in x W 58 in x D 44 in
  • 3-10 years old – 72 in x 72 in
  • For more children – 72 in x 115 in

For the wood outdoor playhouse, an ideal size would be around 5 feet in height and 6 to 10 square meters in floor area.

These are only suggested sizes. The ideal size will be your final decision. 

What needs to be looked at before buying an outdoor playhouse?

As they always say, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. It would be very wise to consider the following before buying an outdoor playhouse:

  • Have a specific budget - Having a specific budget will help you in deciding which to buy. You have to work around your budget. This will ensure not overspending or to be tempted to buy out of your budget.
  • Have a definite location - The size of the area allotted for the outdoor playhouse will also help you in choosing the right one. Will still there be enough space in the backyard? Will the backyard looked cramped? Will there be room for other outdoor activities like a barbecue party, gardening, and maybe a lounge area?
  • Have a plan and vision - A more expensive outdoor playhouse doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more beautiful. Even a cheaper and bare outdoor playhouse can outshine it! How? Plan a good interior or painting to it. It can be accessorized creatively. Put your imagination to work. You can create wonders!
  • Decide – Will it be a plastic or wood outdoor playhouse? 

Parents will have to choose which will suit their child/children better. Budget wise, kids plastic outdoor playhouses are cheaper, easier to maintain, can be used outdoor or indoor depending on the size, and easy to clean.

Statistics show that parents with younger kids buy plastic playhouses.

On the contrary, some parents prefer the wooden outdoor playhouse because of its durability and endurance. 

  • Safety – Check on the materials that were used. Are they safe and non-toxic? Is it environmentally friendly? Be guided accordingly with the ages suggested by the manufacturers. Above anything else, your child’s safety comes first.

What can help me decide to choose the best outdoor playhouse for my kid?

There are a couple of ways that you can be guided in choosing the right outdoor playhouse for your kid. These are some of those ways:

    Ask your friends with children too for their recommendations

    Relatives and families are great source of inputs and suggestions too. Like your friends they can give you their unbiased recommendations of playhouses that they have or know of.

    Do your own research and see what playhouses are available in the market

    Identify your needs and expectations as parents on what you want your child or children needs.

What are the needs of your child/ children with regards to active outdoor plays.

    Lastly, there are a lot of outdoor playhouse reviews online that will greatly come in handy to making your final decision.

Go get that outdoor playhouse of your choice!

choosing the right outdoor playhouse for your kid

Which is better, a wood or plastic outdoor playhouse?

In selecting the perfect outdoor playhouse, it will be wood vs. plastic playhouse that you need to decide upon.

There are points of comparison between the two. At the end of the day, your final choice will be dependent on your children’s needs and weather condition in your area.

The kids outdoor plastic playhouse is low maintenance. It is very easy to clean using warm water, mild dishwashing soap or laundry soap with a soft brush.  Plastic outdoor playhouses are not advisable to be placed outside in cold places. Plastic tends to get brittle if exposed to the cold.

On the other hand, the kids wooden outdoor playhouse’s façade needs a yearly wood staining to make it last. It should also go through the process of wood preservation. It should be strategically advisable to be placed outdoor. To ensure its stability, it should be mounted on stable ground or a flat surface.

Both types of these outdoor playhouse for kids are great buys! 

What are the distinct features a wood and plastic outdoor playhouse should have?

The plastic outdoor playhouse should be made of high quality plastic materials and best if it’s maintenance free.

Whereas for the outdoor playhouse made of wood should be made of high quality timber and absolutely splinter free finishing.

wood and plastic outdoor playhouse features

What is the best wood material for outdoor playhouses?

There are three types of wood that is considered suitable in building an outdoor playhouse. They are cedar, pine, and redwood. Let’s see the comparison among the three:

  • Cedar wood is moderately priced and yet it can be used untreated. It can withstand the rain and its bug resistant. It stays in its natural shape and size through the years.
  • Pine wood is cheaper than the cedar wood. It needs to be treated and stained as it is quite susceptible to termites and insects. 
  • Redwood is another option. It is a little pricey, but it has a long life span. Although it on the expensive side, it doesn’t require staining, treatment and painting.

What is the best wood for outdoor playhouse?

Among the three, the cedar lumber is the best wood for an outdoor playhouse. Topping consumer patronage is the outdoor playhouse made of cedar wood. Check out Cedar Summit Lookout Lodge 3 Slide Cedar Playset for an eye-view of the top selling outdoor playhouse. This comes with a complete set of a slide, tube slide, and swings. Wow! This is the ultimate kids’ playhouse.

Cedar Summit Lookout Lodge 3 Slide Cedar Playset (assembly required).jpg

Image Source: Kidkraft

What kind of woods are not advisable for a wood outdoor playhouse?

Commonly popular is the oak wood. It’s believed to be inappropriate to build a playhouse using it. Why so, you might ask. Here are the reasons. Oak is a very hard, huge in size, it is best used for indoor furniture and is not good to get wet. 

Another is engineered produced wood substitutes like particle boards and MDF (medium density fiberboards). They are better for indoor applications such as for cabinets, ceiling, walling, and paneling. Both are not water resistant and can be soaked up with water. These boards are also quite heavy and can’t be stained.

Does a wood outdoor playhouse need a yearly treatment?

This is one important detail when buying a wood outdoor playhouse. There is a lot that is available in the market that has a 10-year guarantee. Wood treatment was done by the manufacturer prior to selling them. Check before purchasing if your wood outdoor playhouse includes this feature.

You can have it sealed for protection after the 10 year warranty is over.

What to put inside the outdoor playhouse?

The accessories and amenities of each outdoor playhouse varies. They might come with a payphone, chairs, benches, mailboxes, kitchenette, and porches. Some might come in bare and nothing inside.

It would be innovative to put some captivating things inside. This can be a great way to spice up the interior:

  • educational game boards and toys
  • books for them to read
  • table they can use for art works
  • cute colorful boxes with designs for storage
  • cleaning materials for them to learn to clean after their mess
  • whiteboard that they can write and scribble on
  • art materials they can use for drawing and painting
  • throw pillows and bean bags for relaxed sitting

The list can go on. The essential thing is to be creative and good foresight of what can be put inside.

What are the amenities of an outdoor playhouse sets?

Can you imagine a playset that can accommodate 9 gregarious kids that can weigh 110 lbs. each? That’s quite a feat I should say. A playset is really a playground in your backyard. It can come with the following outdoor playhouse amenities:

  • swing
  • slide
  • premium glider
  • rock wall
  • monkey bars
  • ladder
  • clubhouse
  • table and bench
  • large sandbox
  • chalkboard
  • flower box               

The kids will never run out of things to do. It’s a way for them to stay away from television, games online, and the computer.

KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset

What is the most popular among outdoor playhouse amenities?

Honestly, it would be a toss between a slide and a swing. There are outdoor playhouses for kids that has a slide or a swing or even both. It doesn’t stop there, the list can go on and on for the outdoor playhouse amenities for kids.

As time evolves, a lot of amenities have been incorporated to make outdoor play more fun and for more activities for the children.

You can view our complete list of outdoor playhouse accessories and amenities.

What are the different outdoor playhouse equipment?

There is a lot of equipment to choose from. Each play system can offer different active play options. The different offers beneficial and positive results. Let’s see a more detailed list.

Swings - promotes intergenerational play since it bonds kids and adults as they swing together.

A younger kid will be helped by a parent to enjoy this amenity. It can also bond kids together as they swing together, taking turns or helping each other use the swing.

Balancing beam, Ninja Steps / Hanging rods - promotes good balancing among the kids.

Climbers - a way to make the kids more active. Brings playing to a higher level.

Crawl tubes - aids the kids to learn to find their way out. It also helps them learn to explore new avenues.

Nets - an added factor for more fun and entertainment

Trapeze - adds the joy of motion and thrill

Sand and Water - Features with sand and water activities like a sandbox, sand table, water mat

and much more can double the fun!

Slides - have all the variety from winding spiral, sleek, wavy, and fast slide. 

Bars - incorporate upper body strength building to help kids develop those muscles.

Zip lines - this can be added for that iconic adventure!

What is the Best Small Children Playhouse?

This choice is the hands down winner in this category. One great factor is its price tag! It’s affordable and easy on the pocket. If you’re buying your kid a playhouse for the first time then this is it! This is the perfect one! 

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Children's Playhouse for ages starting at two years old

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Children's Playhouse for ages starting at two years old to play
Image Source: Little Tikes

Tops for price, design, quality, and features. Simply the best playhouse for small children. Very easy to assemble, lightweight, and movable. Made from sturdy plastic. Great value for your money and has a lot of features. Includes working doors and windows with shutters, mail slots and flag holders. It has the miniature house look for a more realistic pretend play!

You will never regret this playhouse for your little one/ ones!

What is the best small playhouse with swing?

A very good small playhouse with swing is Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber Swing Set by Step2. Especially recommended for kids from 3-8 years old. It’s will be surely fun for the kids. The kids playhouse does not only come with two swings but also with a slide!

There are certainly outdoor playhouse sizes available for everyone. This outdoor playhouse/swingset combination is great for multiple child play time and has been a favorite for a long time. It even has a hidden playhouse for secret.

Is there a big playhouse playset in the market today?

A lot of people are also looking for a grandiose playhouse. They are searching for the best kids outdoor playhouse that is very impressive and at the same time, can be used longer by their children.

The set-up and installation might need to be done professionally in this case. This kind can boost of 15 or more activities for the kids. 

One might claim that it is the ultimate playground in your own backyard. See for yourself this immense playset below. Please check it out.

Gorillaplay Sets Home Backyard Playground With Swing Set

What is the best big outdoor playhouse?

This Chapel Playhouse is a well-crafted big outdoor playhouse. It’s very well built with easy to follow instructions. 

It is perfect for family gatherings, personal space time with close friends, and special events such as birthday, weddings and baptisms. It's also a peaceful place where you can read, reflect, study, paint, do crafts and pray on a daily basis. 

Comes with panelized kit and it means it’s pre-cut and ready to be constructed. The LP Smartside Siding is primed and ready to be painted. The floor kit is also included. You need to provide for the shingles, drip-edge, and the paint. 

Is there a playhouse for older child?

An outdoor playhouse can have a very long-span. In fact it can be passed on to the other kids in the family.

You can read about different age brackets on our article:

    Outdoor playhouse for 1, 2 or 3 years old

And for these ages:

    Outdoor playhouse for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old

What sets a playhouse for an older child apart from a playhouse for a younger child?

The playhouses for older children are more spacious and complex in design. The older kids will need a roomier area for more movement. Older kids want to do more activities. 

    Playhouses for an older child will be more equipped with amenities and accessories. There will be more things inside of the playhouse.

    Another significant difference is the ceiling. The older child playhouse will have a higher ceiling. Not only that, the height of the playhouse will be higher so it can accommodate the taller kids. 

    There will also be more decorations and educational books, board games, card games, and crafting materials in an older child playhouse.

What other things can be added to a playhouse for older children?

As a parent or as parents, you can always add things that can help in the development of your kids. An outdoor playhouse really plays a huge role in the formative years of children.

Having their own playhouse is a great way to train kids to be independent and to have good attitudes and behaviors towards other people.

They can be taught about responsibility while they are having fun playing.

Things such as make-believe kitchen set, grill set, cooking tools, cleaning tools, gardening tools, school things like a whiteboard and pen, bedroom play sets and even a bathroom set.

How about a big kid outdoor playhouse?

This Little Alexandra Cottage Playhouse is a good sampler of what a big kid can have.

It is roomier and bigger than an outdoor playhouse for younger kids. It’s a spitting image of what a real cottage looks like. It can offer a big kid a place for studying, painting, bonding with other big kids, playing and doing multiple activities. This cottage can be furnished with a sofa, chairs and tables, and even a bed for afternoon naps and rest.

Please check our link for more options for big kid outdoor playhouse.

What children garden playhouse is highly-rated and recommendable?

The KidKraft Garden View Playhouse is built for that imaginative play in a garden playhouse that’s loaded with lots of fun and exciting features. It’s built with 100% cedar lumber and treated with a child-friendly water-based stain. 

Includes these exciting features: plastic scalloped roof in green, 3 decorative bay windows and two upper windows, 2 large serving windows with café counters, 2 chalkboards and clock with moveable hands, café-style striped canopy, working doorbell and a mailbox and a hanging planter box.

This outdoor playhouse is highly-rated and it's cute and an added attraction in the garden.  It has a great design and it exceed your expectations!

You can check on our link for more unique outdoor playhouse styles.

What is the best outdoor kids’ playhouse tent?

The traditional playhouses whether plastic or wooden is typically enclosed. There is a new design of an outdoor playhouse that is more transparent. Parents can easily get a glimpse of what the kids are doing. The kids can also have an easier time to go in and out of this playhouse.

It is an open pavilion tent style. The reviews and the satisfactory rating are quite high.

There’s a lot of good qualities in this type of child outdoor playhouse. It’s an outdoor playhouse with sandbox that can hold 10 lbs. of sand, has water container up to ½ gallon of water, spacious with the dimension of 47.5 x 47.5 x 60 inches, can fit a 8-11- year-old, very easy to assemble, has a high canopy, and can be used with or without a canopy. One more bonus, it’s an outdoor playhouse with grill!

To give you a better idea, please look at the link below.

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Which is better Wood or Plastic Backyard Playsets?

When it comes to choosing your backyard playsets the first thing to look at is safety, next is its sturdiness, the fun factor comes next, and finally how it looks like. There are a lot of choice materials for playsets. Let’s classify them:

Wooden – they are usually made from cedar, redwood, and pre-treated pine wood

Plastic - Vinyl type coz it’s stronger, and it’s made from steel or wood inserts, and its low maintenance

Metal - powder-coated steel 

Wooden backyard playsets are attractive, durable, and has good bracket system. There should be a regular maintenance, it may cause wood cracks or splinters, and make sure sealant and stains don’t have harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, Plastic one is low maintenance, not too hot surface even when exposed, and can’t cause splinters. The downside is its color might fade, it may crack, or warp.

At the end of the day, whatever you choose, it would still need random checking and maintenance. Sanding might be required every now and then for wood, and checking loosen hardware for plastic.

The redeeming factor would be how long it can give joy and happiness to the kids!

What is the best outdoor kids’ playhouse with a slide?

Parents start buying their children their outdoor playhouse when they are relatively young. The youngest could possibly be 17 months. The best option for toddlers till 6 years old is a plastic outdoor playhouse with slide. There will be no risk of splinters and it’s less risky if they slip or fall on a plastic surface.

One feature that parents would like is an outdoor playhouse with a slide. This will fuel more excitement and eagerness to the kids. 

A great recommendation based on very good reviews is the product you can check below.

Step2 Clubhouse Climber

Step2 Clubhouse Climber best for ages of two to six years old to play
Image Source: Step2

What about for the bigger kids that plays in groups or with other kids? An outdoor wooden playhouse with slide will definitely fill the need for this! 

Let me give you a sampler of the best wooden playhouse with slide. The kids will have a fabulous and unending thrill in this outdoor playhouse with slide. 


These childrens outdoor playhouse with slide in plastic or wood will both fill the hours of active outdoor fun play for the kids!

The outdoor playhouse slide is one of the all-time favorite of kids. It will always be a complete play with loads of fun with a slide!

You can read more on our article about Kids Best Plastic and Wooden Outdoor Playhouse with Slide.

What to check out when buying an outdoor playhouse swing set?

Parents always tend to worry about their children. That is very natural and innate for them to be. Children would like to go to the nearby parks to play and to use the swing most likely. One choice for parents is to opt to buy for an outdoor playhouse swing set. In this way their kids will always be at bay and within their eyesight. No need for trips or walks to the park.

Happy children lead an active lifestyle. They also interact better with other kids. In being active, they develop their resistance, stamina, body coordination, and learning capabilities.

The following are things parents should check out in buying an outdoor swing set:

  • Ample space for the swing set- Remember that a bigger space is needed for this.
  • The right size of the swing set – Will it fit comfortably in your backyard?
  • The best material for the swing set - Options abound like plastic, wood, metal, and pvc.
  • Suitable for your kids’ age - It is a very important factor in choosing what will work well for their age.
  • Function - Choose a design with add-ons that will be enjoyed by the kids.
  • Safety – Check out recommendations and highly favored products.

Take a look at these awesome choices on our article about outdoor playhouse with swing set.

Should it be a plastic or wooden outdoor playhouse swing set?

The two popular options are plastic or wood. Let do some comparison of the two.

  • Plastic - This is a good choice for younger kids aged 1-6 years old. They weigh. It is also safer and less risky for injuries. The plastic ones are also cheaper.

A very good example is this product below. Do check it out to have a better idea. See the customers feedback in the outdoor playhouse reviews section.

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set Built in for ages three to six years old to play
Image Source: Little Tikes

  • Wood - Wooden outdoor playhouse swing set can work well with bigger kids. There are a lot of sturdy plastic ones, but wooden playhouses can also be very durable and long lasting. 

They can be creative in the activities they can do with these swing set. There is a very good example of a reasonably priced wooden outdoor playhouse swing set. This will enable you to see what’s out there. This one is a bargain!

KidKraft Ainsley Wooden Swing Set

Another great option is the product below. It hold 5-7 kids at once with them not bumping into each other. A great choice for that price.

Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set

Is there a cheap wooden playhouse?

Absolutely, there is. And there are cheap kids wooden playhouses available that will be within your reach and budget. The kids wooden playhouse has a wide range of prices to choose for.

How about a cheap plastic playhouse?

You’ll be in for a treat and surprise!  Just like the cheap wooden playhouse; there is an abundance of cheap kids plastic playhouse. It offers a lot of variants like: childrens plastic playhouse with slide, outdoor plastic playhouse with swing, and plastic playhouse both with a slide and swing.

Please check the link here for our recommended cheap outdoor playhouses.

Is it better to buy a waterproofed outdoor playhouse?

Definitely, yes! A waterproof outdoor playhouse will ensure a safe playing area for your kids!

Since the playhouse will be used outdoor, a reliable waterproofing should be one of the considerations. It is advisable to purchase a waterproofed outdoor playhouse if you live in an area that has a lot of rainfall.

To give you an idea, please check the link below.

Outdoor Wooden Playhouse Country Kids Garden Cottage Children Play House Toddler


Do manufacturers provide assembly of these playhouses?

Most of the time, it’s a DIY assembly. The manual has a step by step procedure. They are not usually assembled by the manufacturer.

An exception is, unless it is a customized wood outdoor playhouse.  It would be constructed on the site itself.

There are really a lot of outdoor playhouse assembly options like having it assembled by professionals, ask your relatives and friends to give you a helping hand to assemble it and ask the manufacturer’s assembly support.

How much time is needed to assemble a children outdoor playhouse?

The assembly of each outdoor playhouse varies on the complexity of the design and structure. It is easier to assemble a plastic outdoor playhouse. There are models that require a quick set up. Some might need some tools and others require more tools. The time can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours maximum.

An outdoor playhouse installation can be easy. A perfect example of a plastic warehouse that needs no tools and you just need to snap it on is in the link provided below. Do check it out.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

Backyard Discovery 65314 Timberlake All Cedar Playhouse .jpg(1)

Image Source: Little Tikes

On the other hand, the assembly of a wooden outdoor requires a longer time.  It also requires more effort as well. To assemble a wooden outdoor playhouse can be from 3 to 10 hours. Power tools will be needed for it.

There is a wooden outdoor playhouse that doesn’t need any tools. It has large panels to make assembly much easier. The assembly time is less than an hour. That’s quite exceptional! Take a look at the link below.

Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse

How to save on outdoor playhouse installation?

Outdoor playhouse can be done two ways by hiring professional installers or by installing it yourself. If you’ve decided to do your own installation, it’s advisable to ask a hand from relatives or friends. Usually an installation will come in handy if there are two or more people. This is applicable especially to bigger and more complex playhouse or playsets.

These are guidelines for installing it to save money:

    By assembling it yourself. Buy a playhouse that is partially assembled or has bigger parts to assemble. Follow the instruction manual thoroughly and religiously. Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t make a compromise on this.

    Plan ahead and prepare. Make an ocular of your backyard. Make sure it’s clean and clear of any things not needed. This will save you a lot of time when the delivery arrives.

    Prepare the surface. To save money, you can use wood chips, sand, and pea gravel. Ensure that you have a good surface before the playhouse arrives.

How much would it cost if you have it installed professionally?

A professional installation will cost around $350-$450.  The pricing will be dependent on the type of playhouse or playset, type of base and if it is pre-made or custom-built. Charges might also include labor, permits, and landscaping.

How much space is needed for an outdoor playhouse with a swing?

The space is required to have at least 6 to 12 feet in addition to the size of the outdoor playhouse. This will ensure the safety of the child/children.  There should be ample space for movement.

How much space is needed for an outdoor playhouse with a slide?

The space needed will be varied according to the size of the slide. It would be better to find out first the size of the outdoor playhouse that you wish to purchase. Then you can measure the space in your backyard where you intend to place it.

If you have all the details, here are the guidelines you can follow:

  • For a 2 feet slide, also have 2 feet for the landing of your kid.
  • For a 4 feet slide, also have 4 feet for clearance of landing.
  • For a 6 feet slide, also have 6 feet space in-front of the slide.

Notable with the guidelines is that the length of the slide should always match the landing space in-front of the slide. This is for safety and enough space for the impact of the landing.

What should be done before assembling a wood outdoor playhouse?

These considerations will come very handy for a less stressful assembly of a wooden outdoor playhouse. The following will help a lot:

  • Have a well-kept and even grass - It would be hard to assemble and placed your wooden outdoor playhouse if you have uneven grass and unmown lawn. If you’re setting it up in a cemented surface, make sure it is even and flat.
  • Check all the parts and pieces - Upon opening the box, ensure that all parts are complete. It’s very hard to assemble anything with missing parts. Contact the store where you bought it for parts replacement.
  • Be organized – If everything is there, take everything out. It will be easier if you will arrange them according to their numbers. Assembly will be faster.
  • Prepare your tools – Wooden outdoor playhouses most of the times need tools. Commonly used are HEX and a drill gun. They are used for furniture that is packed flatly.
  • Have some wood glue ready – This can be used for loosely spaced sidings to make the structure more stable.
  • Read the instruction manual – The way to correct assembly is to follow the instructions step by step. You will never go wrong and miss anything along the way.

The childrens outdoor wooden playhouse can really live up to the expectations that it can really last a very long time.

Check out featured article on the best wooden playhouses that you can purchase soon.


How to take care of an outdoor playhouse for longer use? 

No matter how much an outdoor playhouse cost, it should be give the same amount of care, and attention. Find out what needs to be done to maintain the playhouse in its sparkling condition.

For a plastic outdoor playhouse, you can clean and maintain it by using any of the following cleaning methods and material: use a mixture of water and mild detergent or soap to clean it, a damp cloth can also be used and use a toothbrush for those corners. 

For all windows for both a plastic and wooden outdoor playhouse, you can use the following mixture: soap and water mix, baking soda, and water, and vinegar and water. Whichever you use, for example, 1 part vinegar mix 1 part water, put in a spray bottle, wipe in a circular motion, and wipe off with a dry cloth for finishing it up.

For a wooden outdoor playhouse, you can clean it by following this procedure: make sure your playhouse is stained and sealed. If your playhouse is painted, apply a colorless wood preserver. Have a cleaning schedule that will stretch the whole year. It can be monthly or every 2 weeks or 2 months. This will depend on the usage of the playhouse.

Since there are a lot of different wood materials, and sealants used, it would be wise to use gentler cleaning materials. Clean the playhouse, and dust off every corner for webs, or any build-up. Thoroughly sweep the floor too. Use warm water, and soft brush to clean the surfaces. Let the playhouse dry, and if a wood preserver or stain is needed again, apply at once.

To keep both plastic and wooden playhouses in good shape, find a good outdoor playhouse cover. Cover it if not in use. This also one way to protect your playhouse. Check the link below.

Play House Waterproof Cover

What are the steps to take good care of a wooden outdoor playhouse?

Utmost care should be taken for things to last. The life span of a wooden outdoor playhouse will be depending on how it will be cared for. There are measures that can be practiced to ensure this:

  • Maintain its cleanliness.
  • Check every now and then for mold or mildew. Take necessary actions and cleaning.
  • Weather may vary. Keeping it in storage during winter can prolong its life.
  • Be on the lookout if it needs staining. This will seal coat the wood for protection.

Can I paint the wooden playhouse the way I like it?

Parents are a creative bunch. They would like to add their taste and personal preference in the paint color and finish that they like. And yes, a wooden playhouse can be painted according to your whim.

Just make sure of the following before you do so:

    The wooden playhouse should already been applied with a base coat.

    The wood should already been stained prior to the application of paint.

    If you want to retain the natural shade, you can just apply Polyurethane that is a perfect acceptable finish.

How to stain and seal a wooden outdoor playhouse?

There are two ways to protect a wooden outdoor playhouse-staining or sealing it. Prior to staining, I do advise that you thoroughly clean it first. Let it be free of any dirt. Let it sit to dry for 24 hours. It is suggested you use oil based stains and sealant.

Go to your nearest DIY store. Choose the stain you would like to apply. Using a brush for more even application is preferred. It is advisable to seal it after staining the wood.

As for the sealant, for your application, wear protective gloves when applying the sealant. You can use a brush or a rag to apply it.

Can a plastic outdoor playhouse be painted?

Yes, definitely you can. To add a more spiced up look to your plastic outdoor playhouse you will be needing special kind spray paints. Here are some suggested materials that you can use which include Rustoleum 2x Painter’s Touch in satin, paint brushes, and UV Krylon UV Resistant Spray Paint. An outdoor playhouse paint job will do wonders to the over-all attractiveness of the outer and inner façade.

How to paint a plastic outdoor playhouse?

For a better and spiced up look:

  • Disassemble your plastic playhouse
  • Clean it thoroughly and let it dry
  • Start spray painting the areas
  • Seal it with a UV sealant. 

Take a peek of some of the best plastic outdoor playhouse that can bring smiles on your kids faces.

What are different types of an outdoor playhouse landscaping?

There would be different landscape and surface materials for each type of outdoor play structures. See the options and be able to achieve the best surrounding for your playhouse or playset.

For a playset and a playhouse with amenities like a slide and swings, it is best to have the ground covered with rubberized mulch, play sand, grass, safe from splinters mulch and bark, and pea gravel. A manicured lawn is also very good. They would provide safe landings. Check with a landscaper for how thick the surface should be. One more thing make sure you have enough area covered. An additional 3-5 feet from the slide should be covered too. 

Additional considerations should be taken with regards to the following:

  • Is it comfortable bare feet?
  • Cost wise, is it reasonable?
  • Final appearance and will the colors compliment the over-all look?
  • What will it be good environmentally?
  • Can heat be absorbed?
  • Can it last on running and jumping feet of active kids?

For the pathways, pavers can be used as an accent.

For a basic plastic and wooden playhouse, the landscaping ideas could be a well-kept grass around, plants, and nicely arranged rock accents.  Let your artistic side takes over. The landscaping designs are limitless!


What is an example of an outdoor playhouse eco?

Eco-friendly playhouses are available now. It teaches kids the value of preservation of one’s surroundings. Also, there are playhouses made from eco-friendly materials.

Little Tikes Go Green! Playhouse for ages starting at two years old to play

Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse for ages starting at two years old to play
Image Source: Little Tikes

A very innovative playhouse to educate the kids about recycling, solar power, and

gardening. It’s full of eco-friendly features. They can be little gardeners and help the environment. They can water the flowers, learn about water reservoir, the solar light system, and use the working sink for a more realistic play! It has a solar- powered LED lights too. Also included are a shovel, rake, and watering can.

One eco-friendly materials are pallets. They are recyclable and cheaper. Made from trees, pallets do not generate any toxic pollutants in their manufacturing.  They can be re-used for abundant purposes.

Are there outdoor resin playhouse?

Resin is the alternative materials nowadays. It’s safe to use if it is cured. There is a playhouse made from resin that is doing very well in the market.

Pal Play Dream House Playhouse

Designed for 3 years old and up. It’s very colorful and fun to look at. It’s easy to move and has very good construction. Another open design to have a good view from all angles. It has a full door that functions. All safety precautions like: safe fasteners and hinges. 100% UV protection and tough resin material.

What is an Outdoor Living Playhouse?

Outdoor living spaces can be as much fun as indoor living. It’s becoming more in demand nowadays. Outdoor living spaces is an outside extension of the main house. You can do a lot in the outdoors. You can relax, chill, cook, do gardening, grilling, and entertain guests in your terrace or patio. An outdoor living playhouse can well be incorporated in your backyard. You can paint it as same as the main house. There can be a pathway, pavers, or even plants nicely placed to induce a better relaxing atmosphere. The kids can enjoy their time in the outdoor, as much as the adults can. An outdoor living playhouse can add to the beauty of the backyard. Take a look at a very nicely arranged backyard.

What are some interesting Outdoor Playhouse Structures?

Outdoor playhouses give the kids the chance to live their adventures into reality. Their fantasies to be fulfilled right in their own backyard.

There are some out of the box playhouse structures. Defying the norm can be unique, fun, and exciting. It can range from simply different to elaborately far-out.

ActivKids Childrens Boat Wooden Playhouse with Sand Pit and Slide

A different take on an outdoor structure. This will leave the kids wanting for more. It’s a Fun wooden playhouse with huge red slide and sand pit. Something new and its versatility is beyond question!

Big Merry Hobbit Home

This extraordinary structure will leave the kids breathless. There is a reason for them to look forward to those outdoor plays. It offers something unusual but very entertaining. 

All Out Play Rocket

A playhouse structure with a new twist. It is roofed with a hexagonal structure.

It will be stand-out in any backyard. Has an Internal wall mounted steps.  Also a control panel in the upper platform. Not your standard playhouse! 

Tree House, Playhouse, Garden House, Hobbithaus, Wichtelhaus, Garden Lights, Birdhouse

Customized unique tree houses for playhouses. Made from oak, seal, and larch. It can be designed for all the kids’ fun and learning needs. It’s definitely a very interesting structure!

A very fertile imagination can really create a lot of beautiful and unique outdoor playhouse structures. Every kid would be interested and hooked by them!